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What Day Is It!?! with Seth & Kelly

My newest project is a talk show with my friend Kelly McCarthy called What Day Is It!?! with Seth & Kelly!

The show is a new interactive live-streamed talk show that hopes to talk about the current situation and bring joy into the world. It streams live on the YouTube and the Facebook Thursdays at 4pm.

Thursday, April 16th, Episode 1: Isolation Creation with guests Gia Doxey, Summer Moran & Mary Page Nance
Thursday, April 23rd, Episode 2: Fitness Witness with guests Julie McNamara, Celia Mei Rubin & Lauren Testerman
Thursday, April 30th, Episode 3: Anxiety Society with guests Joshua Desjardins, Dani Granati & Melissa Meli
Thursday, May 7th, Episode 4: Teacher Feature with guests Brian Childers, Eloïse Ghislaine & Kimberly Faye Greenberg
Thursday, May 14th, Episode 5: Shirking Working with guests Dennis Fowler, Laura Pestronk & Nicole Wichinsky
Thursday, May 21st, Episode 6: Bewild’rin’ Children with guests Alexis Sparkles Belt, Ilene Grossman Lester & Jaclyn Sokol
Thursday, May 28th, Episode 7: Igniting Writing with guests David Davila, Teresa Hui & Brooke Moriber
Thursday, June 4th, Episode 8: Race Disgrace with guests Linseigh Green, Wilson To & Reji Woods
Thursday, June 11th, Episode 9: Spirituality Mentality with guests Rob A. Earth, Joe Hoover & Jeanette Suros
Thursday, June 18th, Episode 10: Discerning Learning with guests Elkin Alonso, Summer Moran & Wilson To
Thursday, June 25th, Episode 11: Booking Cooking with guests Teresa Hui, Rori Nogee & Adam B. Shapiro
Thursday, July 2nd, Episode 12: Pets’ Assets with guests Sarah Gaines, Chazmond Peacock & Staci Rosen
Thursday, July 9th, Episode 13: Fertile Lifestyle with guests David Meyers, Elisabeth Ness & Shara Ashley Zeiger
Thursday, July 16th, Episode 14: Quirks Perks with the Original Off-Broadway Cast of Love Quirks: Maggie McDowell, Erin Lamar, Matthew Schatz & Lauren Testerman
Thursday, July 23rd, Episode 15: Unraveling Traveling with David Davila, Austin Horowitz & Brianna Oppenheimer