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Happy Summer 2020!!!

My musical LOVE QUiRKS almost opened off-Broadway after 10 years of development. Previews started Friday, February 28th, 2020 and the official opening was supposed to be Monday, March 16th, and will be rescheduled. Tickets will be available on Telecharge when that happens. Find out more information about the show on Playbill Online or Broadway World, and here are interviews I did with the SaysMeSaysMom & Un-Block the Music blogs about the show. And finally, Maggie and I got to perform the song, “The Circle” at Birdland’s Cast Party right before things shut down, and you can see that here!

During the self-isolation, I have been virtually performing many times a week! On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 3pm, I did 30 episodes of my Facebook Live show called “The Making of a Musical: Exploring Love Quirks“. Now, I’m doing a new one about my other projects Mondays at 3pm called “Seth Sings Bisen-Hersh”. Thursdays I’m putting out a new song from my new Self-Isolation Song Cycle up on my comedy YouTube channel, until June 4th. Additionally, Thursdays my friend Kelly and I are doing a talk show called “What Day Is It!?! with Seth & Kelly” at 4pm. Sunday nights, my girlfriend and I are putting out Zumba videos for small apartments. Even if you can’t do Zumba well, you can at least take solace in the fact that neither can I. Those are available at:

While Don’t Tell Mama is closed, I have been bringing my musical theatre talent showcases to FB Live and YouTube Live. These started on Tuesday, April 7th and be Tuesdays at 7PM. I hope to resume regular showcases at Don’t Tell Mama sometime soon, but till then I have virtual shows through July. Visit the Showcase page to see who is performing and also for the list of the 3,000 performers who have performed with me and here’s an interview I did after one last year and a review of the 550th Showcase, which was a Jerry Herman Cabaret.

Finally, starting Wednesday June 3rd, 2020, the second season of my podcast will be released Wednesdays at 1pm: Millennials are Ruining the World? an Xennial perspective: Real conversations bridging the gap between Generations X & Y, “I’m not woke, but I’m awake” is available on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn and Pocket Casts.

The audiobook version (featuring myself as narrator!) of my third book: Millennials are Ruining the World! is now available on Audible, HERE!!!!

I am thrilled to announce that I am now a published crossword puzzle writer! My debut puzzle in the LA Times, 9/23/19 is available as a PDF on my Puzzle page. Enjoy!

Additionally, I started doing some standup last year. Here are videos from me at Gotham Comedy Club: here and Broadway Comedy Club, here and here! While I’m presenting videos, last August I got a little bored so I did this cute Muppet Green Acres video: Enjoy! In other comedy news, I’m now a graduate of UCB having had completed their core Long-Form Improv program.

If you missed me on Lip Sync Karaoke on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon & Cher, have no fear. It’s right here!!! I have also just launched my Performer Page where you can find videos of standup, monologues, scenes and a still from the first feature film I shot!

So happy to announce that “Enough Already” from The Diamond as Big as the Ritz was selected out of almost 200 songs as a finalist for London’s prestigious Stiles & Drewe Prize!! If you didn’t see the Get Out the Vote music video of it starring Mario Lopez last October, you can view it, here. Speaking of it, after successful industry readings in November 2017 and June 2018, we recorded the studio casting recording of my musical, The Diamond as Big as the Ritz. You can purchase it on iTunes or Amazon, and it’s also streaming on most platforms. There are also videos of some of the songs on the Song Videos page.

Check out the side section: “Seth Abridged” for links to my sitcom pilot, my books, my music YouTube channel and my CDs. Or click on the Every Day a Little Seth page to watch the sitcom pilot directly. Please watch and share it with everyone you know, as we hope to get it to a network/streaming platform.

You can now get the sheet music to 180 of my songs at the Seth Store!

And for those of you who are Ob-Seth-ed, please check out the personal section, which features my ledger blog, picture galleries, my cat: Smee’s page, puzzles I’ve written and more! If you haven’t read my epic trip highlights, here are direct links: Switzerland/Milan/Belgium, August 2019; Portugal/Spain/Gibraltar/Morocco, May 2019; Scandinavia, August 2018; India, January 2018; United Kingdom, May 2017; Poland/Austria/Prague, July 2016; Iceland, May 2015; Germany/Paris, August 2014; Ireland/Copenhagen, Sept 2013 and Shanghai, Feb 2011.