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Welcome to my new webpage. Thanks to Katie for all her hard work; I’m excited to announce it is completely done now!

We have put a new section “Seth Abridged” on the side. It includes links to my new sitcom pilot, my books, my songs and my CD.

The Every Day a Little Seth sitcom pilot premiered in October 2016. Please watch and share it with everyone you know. We hope to get it to a network/streaming platform.

I am having auditions right now for weekly showcases through April. Check out the Showcase page for details! On April 27th, it will be 10 years since my first showcases; in honor of that, we will be doing a few concerts of my songs. Details soon!

We have completely redone the Seth Store, where you can purchase sheet music to over 150 of my songs!

Finally, the new Ob-Seth-ed section includes all the more personal pages including my ledger blog, picture galleries, my cat: Smee’s page, puzzles I’ve written and more! If you haven’t read my annual trip highlights, here are direct links: Poland/Austria/Prague, July 2016; Iceland, May 2015; Germany/Paris, August 2014; Ireland/Copenhagen, Sept 2013 and Shanghai, Feb 2011.