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Stanley’s Party


Stanley’s Party is a 5 person, 50 minute children’s musical based on the popular picture books “Stanley’s Party” and Stanley’s Wild Ride” by Linda Bailey. It has music/lyrics by Seth Bisen-Hersh and a book by Caroline Cala.

Highlights from the show:

Stanley’s Party had a critically acclaimed world premiere run at Manhattan Children’s Theatre in 2010. It ran from April 24th – May 31st.

The World Premiere Cast Recording is available below for $9.99:

You can also watch videos of 2 full songs, here:


“It’s a lovable, quick-moving romp that kept the very small kids in the theatre attentive and involved throughout, yet offers enough sophistication and variety to keep their accompanying grown-ups diverted as well.”

“The story unfolds speedily and mostly to the bright and chipper music of Bisen-Hersh…Among the highlights: the show-stopping title tune, which features more complex harmonies than you’d expect to find in a kids’ musical, and “Do the Doggy Dance,” a high-energy number that the littlest members of the audience seemed to get a big kick out of.”

— Martin Denton, Editor/ Producer,

“Run on two feet or all fours down to Manhattan Children’s Theater. Stanley’s Party…is a rollicking, high-spirited adventure that doesn’t let up.”

“What is most impressive is the catchy, clever score by Seth Bisen-Hersh. The music and lyrics are reminiscent of the Disney cartoons of the 1990’s; that is to say, sophisticated while still audience-appropriate…Every tune is hummable, enjoyable, and leaves plenty of Easter eggs for the careful listener. It takes a considerable amount of energy not to sing along, or jump on stage and join the show.”

“It succeeds on a whole in entertaining all ages, and will surely have a long life, not just in dog years, after its run at MCT.”

— Lori Chandler,

“It’s like Sondheim for kids!”

— Matt Windman, AMNY

“This was truly a delight for the whole family!”

— Eva Heinemann, HI! DRAMA

The original cast included Kyra Bromberg, Crystal Davidson,
Ryan Makely, Derek Rommel & Barry Shafrin.