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Every Day a Little Seth

Every Day a Little Seth Sitcom Pilot:

A comedic, musical cabaret star and his quirky friends survive NYC’s chaos through songs and sarcasm.

Every Day a Little Seth is a half-hour, single-camera sitcom with songs about how to find and define “success” in New York City. It follows Seth, a neurotic singer-songwriter and pianist, as he and his quirky friends use their talents, music and unconventional outlook to deal with life’s chaos. As they search for success in career, relationships, and dodging life’s curveballs, their collective ability to rely on each other is their greatest success of all. The series will cover a seemingly limitless set of relatable topics, from gender stereotypes to online dating to apartment hunting to subway paranoia to jury duty to changing technology, and anything in between. One of Seth’s original cabaret songs will be featured each episode and frame the show while providing humorous theme and context to the storyline. Finally, each episode ends with Seth discussing its moral with his cat, Smee.

If you are interested in helping get Every Day a Little Seth on TV, please email for an industry packet (show bible, bios, series progression & outlines for episodes for the whole first season).

Every Day a Little Seth Trailer:

To watch the web series version, please visit here!

More about the show and its characters:

By taking real life situations and dialing up the humor that can be found in them, Every Day a Little Seth takes a unique yet relatable look at the topics that affect us every day (anti-millennial-ness, online dating, people’s sexual preference assumptions) without being negative, scathing or upsetting.

Rori is a free spirit bisexual who experiences the anxiety and frustration of trying to figure out who she is and what she really wants, but at the heart of it all, she always finds the humor of the situation.

Celia, on the other hand, carries herself as someone who is so proper and so sure of who she is and what she wants, in a world where nobody truly feels that way, that it’s comical.  Her friends can see right through that and they love her for it.

And Seth is the only one who isn’t trying to figure out who he is; he just is who he is, but he can’t understand why the rest of the world (aka NYC) doesn’t get it.

All of these people exist in our lives, and in fact all of these people are in each one of us.  Watching these characters navigate the modern world is relatable social commentary. Unlike Seinfeld, Every Day a Little Seth isn’t about not being able to find a car in a parking garage, but rather about 3 friends who are so scared of the world around them because they can’t tell if they control their world of if the world controls them. But at least they have each other and Seth’s hilarious songs and cat, Smee.

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