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1996 Ledgers

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Please note while I started sending out inane updates of my life in 1995, those emails are lost forever since they were sent from a juno account. One of my friends who joined the list in October 1996 forwarded me all the old ledgers when the original webpage went up in 2001. These are pretty silly, but I am a completist, so do enjoy my high school ramblings below:


October 24, 1996 — New Members

Welcome, new ledger members! I checked the AOL address (which gets mail
from superlink since that account has run dry) finally and I found 3 of
my friends from college e-mailed me! I was so happy to have more people
to write to!!! It’s great getting mail… it gives me something to do
since I never get homework… for those of you who need catching up: I
love SENIOR year! I am in the fall play, of course, it’s the weekend
before Thanksgiving (11/21&22, thurs and fri) and I have a sizeable
part… the play is Funny Money… so anyway I’m enjoying working with
such a wonderful cast and getting to know them all better… that Vic is
so good… (that’s me since you don’t know) also, that Sgt. Slater is
good, too (Rachel gets these messages, too… actually she just got an
address so she’s going to see how quickly it fills up when I have the
address)… anyway, welcome! What have you gotten yourselves into? My
weekly/ semi-daily/ hourly update of EB and my life… if you have the
addresses of any common friends, give them this address and tell them to
mail me!! I hope you’re all enjoying yourself… there’s only 10 more
school days until the end of our 1st qtr… I’m going to graduate before
I know it… I’m going to have a party in June sometime after
graduation… well write back soon!


October 26, 1996 — Tutoring

I did it!!!! I called up about tutoring someone in French II!!!!!!
YEAH! I hate calling people I don’t know, don’t you… I’m still
shaking… she is a 13 yr. old in 8th grade and she’s defiant… so I get
to use my psych skills to get her to learn… I’m tutoring Monday night
from 7-8… there’s no good tv on Monday anyway, so I decided to tell
them that that was a good time since it is… if there are other people,
I can take them from 8:15-9:15 (does the library close at 9 or 9:30) oh
well… I’m very excited!!! MONEY! I’m getting $10 per hour… with the
20/ per week I get playing piano- I’m up to getting $30 per week plus
$10 for lunch from my father and $5 from my father for allowance… I’m
rolling in money, it seems… oh well… I’m even considering getting all
of my friends presents instead of just cards- that of course poses the
problem of not ever knowing what to get people… I’m the worst gift
getter in the world- the easiest thing for me to do is get cd’s since I’m
in a CD club… I love the deals I get… oh well… I should go out and
buy myself something but I know not what to get… I have so many friends
that I have NO idea what I can get for any of them… we’ll see… oh
well… I just needed to express my content at setting up this tutoring
thing… Monday I have my interview for MIT at 4… that’ll be a
wonderfully packed day- I’m out Wed. at a chorus rehearsal, Thurs.
trickortreating and Fri working- I have rehearsal everyday after school
except Monday… what a wonderfully busy week!!! I’m going to enjoy the
boredom of the weeeknd, though… oh well… I really am going to do
something productive… there’s a new DS9 tonight! I’m going to get a
jump on my ENglish research report… at least I want to- I’m battling
off SENIORISTIS… it’s taken over my brain- I don’t feel like doing
ANYthing anymnore… oh well… I can’t wait for the show- it’s going so
well… I’m going to go over my lines, really I am… I also have to
memorize Act III, scene 1 of Hamlet… I’m playing Hamlet in a skit in
English… the qtr. ends in 2 weeks- an acting grade will surely pick up
my sagging average in it… I want an A- in AP Eng and Physics but I’ll
be satisfied with B+’s… any hting less than that and I’ll be quite
upset… I am getting a solid A in all the rest of my courses though
(which aren’t that many: Discrete Math, Drama, AP Music, Chorus) I love
being a SENIOR though… oh well… enough babbling, I think I’ll surf
the net for a tiny bit- I love…. it’s a great page!!

Write soon…


October 26, 1996 — Time

this is just a little reminder to all of my good friends to set back your
clocks one hour at 2am tonight…check out the tv guide- there’s 2 1am
slots! write soon…

October 31, 1996 — Halloween

Well, I went trickortreating today!!!! It was really lots of fun… I
spent the day party jumping and went straight from rehearsal to party to
party… it was exhausting but fun! It is now 11 and I’m only half awake
so I figured I’d just say hi since I only had ONE new message even though
I haven’t checked the mail since yesterday! Jen gets the prize for
responding the most! I hope the rest of you had a chance to
trick-or-treat- Dan (H) said that Bernadette is going to give a concert
in NY: Dan, I want all the details- I don’t care how much it costs, I’ll
ask Joanne to take me!!! I LOVE BERNADETTE PETERS!!!! oh well… I’m so
exhausted since I’ve been up late e-mailing people… keep writing!
etc…if tomorrow wasn’t Friday, I’d die… I have an outline (a very
detailed one) to do for English by Wed… VOTE DEMOCRATIC on Tues. for
all of you that can actually vote- I came close- Clinton won in a
landslide in the school mock election! Vote Torrecelli and Del Vecchio!
oh well.. enough politics- I got 2 hours of service collecting fo UNICEF
tonight- I received SO mcuh $$- you’d never believe it! (I didn’t steal
any for myself though 😉 ) oh well… Interactive Physics refused to
export my data and I’m very upset (for those of you who have no idea what
I’m talking about, forget it) sorry for all of the spelling mistakes,
but as I’ve said I’m very tired… thus, I have decided to terminate this
ledger before I collapse on the keyboard and fall asleep! So welcome to
NOV!!! (scary, isn’t it? Only 75% of the year left- unilt I graduate…
wow) I must go and rest- I’ll expect lots of mail when I check it
tomorrow around 5– I get $25 tomorrow for playing piano for 2.5 hours!
another busy day- I get home at 5ish and leave at 6:25… oh joy…
there’s a clean up on Saturday- I should find out if any of my friends are
going… ok, too many typos… must sleep… write soon!



November 1, 1996 — Seinfeld

Ok, Mrs. Burd has nicknamed me Seinfeld… she claims that I laugh at my
own jokes and look at the audience just like he does!!!! So I have a
nickname although she said I should be insulted by it, not content! Oh
well… I had 20 messages today- most of them from Kara- of course there
were the 3 from Crinnie who- actually 4- decided to write one sentence
each message to fill my box- and Jill sent me some funny stuff to fill my
box, too… so I had a full box- I had a full box of money for UNICEF
last night, oto… oh well… so it’s finally FRIDAY!!!! and I have a
busy but extremely fun weekend ahead of me… there’s an NHS clean up- I
think I’ll call Fatema (that’s how it’s spelled, Rachel) right now- hold
on… actually you don’t have to… I have to see if she’s going…
Fatema says “hi!”- she doing her Cornell essay right now… she’s not
going tomorrow but hse said Kim is… so I’ll go… I’m going to see R+J
tomorrow night- I can’t wait- it’s going to be a great movie! it only
started to rain once I went out to lunch- as soon as I got out and left
the building- so I sprinted to my car… oh well…I’m now going to call
kim to see if she’s definitely going- aren’t you glad I can type offline,
now????? It was a rather (that’s so Brit… oh well) ordinary, boring
day- we had a fire drill, first period- that at least shortened AP
Physics… I won both game I played in badminton today!!!! Isn’t that
great??? I’m working tonight… I’ve let the phone ring for about an
hour, so I’m now going to call the down stairs line… ok… they really
need a machine- I’ll just hope she’s going- Lynne, are you going? …so
anyway, that’ll put me as completed 4 hours of the 10 I must do… isn’t
that cool? It’s at 1, so I figure I’ll be awake by then… but alas, I
must be going and doing something productive- I’ll now respond personally
to the rest of the letters… all TWENTY of them!!!! I feel so loved!
And all those of you who are too busy to write, better write soon! You
know who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Write soon!


November 2, 1996 — My Outline…

Well, I finished my English outline, and now I can relax… actually,
I’ll probably do some physics… I went to an NHS cleanup today and it
was very fun albeit exhausting! I’m going to have my hours done before
you know it! The play looks great- come and see it if you can! (nov.
21&22) I’m eating M&M’s now… there so good- I love the green ones and
the blue ones, too (yes, I know they all taste the same) so anyway… I
must go now and find something productive to do before I go see Romeo and
Juliet which is supposed to be quite good… write back soon!


November 3, 1996 — 1 AM

It’s 1:20 and I’m wide awake. I should go to sleep. I don’t want to. I
have to be somewhere at 2. I hope I awake by then. I had an AWESOME
night. I saw R+J. It was really good. I’m writing short, choppy
sentences. I have to watch DS9 tomorrow. How’d it get to be this late?
It’s going to be Monday too soon. The quarter ends Friday. I’m going to
graduate before you know it. Isn’t life great? Just checking. Rutgers
friends: what is this I hear about a FREE concert? Is it Saturday night?
Where and how do I get there? Joanne will take me to see Bernadette!!!!
I’m going to Carnegie Hall!! 🙂 I’m very excited. Must go to sleep
now. Write back soon so I know you’re still out there in the cyberspace
and now Mr. DeMille, I’m ready to sign off.


November 3, 1996 — What, Another One?

This is the last ledger for the weekend, and yes, I do realize how many
I’ve sent this weekend, but I don’t feel like doing any work, ok? This
is such a “time sapper” (jill’s words, not mine)… I do hope that these
at least make you smile albeit briefly. I really need to put gas in my
car, but I hate to. I’ve had bad gas experiences. I’m going to see
BERNADETTE! (not that I’m excitedly ecstatic or anything of the sort)
So how were all of your weekends? Mine was really great! THere was a
great DS9 and Voyager this week, too. It’s been a great weekend. But
it’s almost over… 🙁 I can’t wait for the 4 day teacher’s convention
weekend!!!!!!! I’m actually going to be writing my English report, so
maybe I shouldn’t be so excited. Liza is belting her heart out over here
on my cD player. “Nothing to be done.” Extra credit for those of you
who can name that play. “Nothing, they called me nothing.” That one’s
easier. “then what we have is nothing.” ok, Jodi at least will get that
one… here’s an easy one: “No one is alone”- “No more”-“No, no- there’s
only so far you can bend… this vegetable must come to an end”-“Don’t
cry for me Argentina”-“Everybody says don’t”-“Never say no.”- etc. I
could probably go on like that all day! Well, I’ll even give you the
answers for those of you who are racking your brains and fighting
suicidal tendencies to figure them out: Waiting for Godot, A Chorus
Line, Passion, Into the woods (twice), Little Shop of Horrors, Evita,
Anyone Can Whistle, The Fantasticks…
well I hope that has either cheered you up or more likely has made you
think: Seth has too much time on his hands; which is definitely true-
I’m going to do Physics now… really I am… maybe I have more mail by
now… UGH- it’s a curse… a brerfcurse! See you soon- WRITE BACK!


November 3, 1996 — I’m Turning Off The Computer
Ok- this is it. I’m turning off the computer. I hope you’ve enjoyed
hearing about my ever so exciting day. I hope you read the messages in
order. Liza took a 5 minute curtain call at the end of the CD. I hate
live recordings- there’s too much noise- when I see Bernadette, I’m going
to try to make a noise that no one else does and then pick it out on the
CD afterword. I have finished my English work for the weekend, and I
just have Physics to do. I’m going to turn OFF the computer since I’ve
checked my mail about 15 times today. I’ll probably check it before I go
to bed, but if not, I’ll respond tomorrow… another week begins… where
do these weekends go???? Write soon.


November 5, 1996 — The Election

I’m watching NBC all night until CLINTON, TORRECELLI and DEL VECCHIO has
won! That’s all I’m doing all night! Write soon…


November 5, 1996 — Election, Message 2

TORRECELLI has won for those of you who don’t know! (It’s now 8:45) and
I’ve known but I decided that I’d turn the computer back on and
celebrate- CLINTON now has 212 electoral votes (he needs 270) and Dole
has 35… Pappas seems to be beating Del Vecchio right now- but this
BETTER change!!!!!

November 5, 1996 — CLINTON WINS!!!!!!!

Clinton has won! Torrecelli has won! Del Vecchio is 2% ahead of
Pappas… isn’t life great?

November 11, 1996 — I Finished Another College Essay!

I actually got myself to stop procrastinating and just goofing off and I
actually wrote another essay! I know not why I put them off since it
only took 30 minutes… it actually really isn’t up to par, but at least
the rough outline of it is set… it needs work, but at least there’s
something there- since every college seems to want to know about a
special person or event that changed my life- I did an essay on Mrs. Fox
and Mr. Boyle… and how they’ve affected me and how much I miss them- I
opened with a quite form rent, Jodi! “Why does distance make us wise?”
oh well… I’m sitting here bored… but at least that’s done- I even
filled in some more of those blank spots (I don’t know the answer to ANY
of the blank spots- that’s a quote for the show for those of you who
don’t know, which is all but one- all but shall live (that’s Hamlet)) oh
well… I’m listening to Sondheim’s Assassins now.. actually, I just took
a long pause in writing this to finalize plans for tonight… originally
Rachel was going to come, but since she just called and said she’s
feeling sick and tired (from an 8 hour marching band practice) she’s not-
so now, Aviva said she’d pick me up- so she will and Josepha and possibly
Jessica will come to my house too and we’ll all leave from here in
Veevs’s car… oh btw we’re going to a concert at Rutgers- of course,
most of you are from Rutgers anyway… so it’s the Glee club and Voorhies
choir and it should be very good… it’ll be as good as our concerts with
Boyle used to be… I MISS BOYLE! Ok, enough of that… I have 2 hours
to kill and since i have nothing to do tomorrow either, I better leave
some stuff to do… it should be a fun night! I never seem to get mail
on weekends- does anyone know why? I mean, I am very busy during the
week and don’t have as much time to write, but weekends I’m always
bored… oh well… there’s a 3 day week coming up! It’ll go pretty
fast, I hope… Tech Week begins soon! COME SEE FUNNY MONEY: 2 weeks
from now on Thurs, and Fri night: Nov. 21&22!!!!!!!! Only excuses about
being in another state will be acceptable! I can’t wait! “How do you
document real life when real life is getting more like fiction each day?”
Points for naming that… it’s on right now… oh well… it’s such a
great show and I’m seeing it in Feb… ok, another call- that one was
Jessica saying she was coming so they’re all coming here around 7 and
then Viva will drive… actually, I could take my father’s car instead…
we’ll see! well anyway, I’ll check my mail when I get home… good luck
to those of you in the concert and actually you’re probably already
almost there since it’s 5:30 well actually, probably not yet- but you’re
probably eating or something- those food halls get quite crowded during
this hour… oh well… write soon! I’ll check my mail tonight when I
get home… write soon!!!!!!!!!!


November 10, 1996 — Another Sunday

Well it’s now Sunday again and there’s nothing to do… I should probably
do some work on my English research report but I have all of the 4 day
weekend to do it since I’m not doing anything else. “Woe is me to have
seen what I’ve seen, to see what I see”… I have an essay test on Hamlet
tomorrow… I can’t wait. (that’s sarcasm since you can’t hear the tone
in my voice)… the concert was great (except for those long boring songs
Princeton sang- they scared me- oh, the Princeton Glee Club (which has
girls, too) came to sing after the Rutgers Glee Club and Voorhies
Choir)… those Princeton people sang very boring pieces (although they
sounded great) and they all seemed to wave as they sung… oh well… the
Rutgers Glee Club is super and is the only reason I can think of to go to
Rutgers (that and it costs less $$$) the Voorhies choir let the audience
sing! 🙂 I love audience participation- their director has PERFECT
PITCH- she gave the notes w/o a pitchpipe- it was really weird… they
sounded great though… Good job to those of yu in it! And Jeanne, btw,
I didn’t know you meant a bridge that crossed the roAD! I thought you
meant a little dinky bridge with awning by Nicolas Music Center… it’s a
really good thing that Aviva cam with me or I would NEVER have found the
Chapel… but at least you sent directions, unlike Dan… so anyway- I’m
going to see BERNADETTE at Carnegie Hall and Rent in Feb. and I want to
go see Whistle Down the Wind in April… and I keep forgetting to get
tickets to Betty Buckley at the State Theatre… ugh… I wonder what
another new shows are opening to see… oh well… it’s now 2 and I had
ONE message all day… oh well… I only have to get through 3 days this
week- I really can’t believe that a qtr. of my SENIOR year is over
already… but I am ready to graduate after all the stuff that’s
happened… I auditioned for Harmonics and Madrigals (which is going to be
4 on a part again! and I better make them or ELSE!!!! I also want a
SOLO in the Gloria piece we’re doing… it’s the one all of you now
sophomores did when you were lowly high school sophomores) so anyway- we
only have 5 more rehearsals until the dress rehearsal- it’s very scary…
the show should be great, though! I already called giving flowers to
Mrs. Burd…I don’t know what to say though… oh well… Brian called
Moran… I can’t wait!!! I am not on golden honor roll 🙁 since I have a
B+ in both AP Physics and AP English… 🙁 I hope I won’t lose rank b/c
of this… oh well… I should probably find something productive to do- I
think I’ll go over my lines… only 135 days of school left! I’ll start
counting days until my bday in December… write soon!!!

November 10, 1996 — Star Trek

There’s a Star Trek marathon on today!!!!!!! It’s on Philly 57- which is
cable channel 22… there putting on all of the Borg episodes since the
upcoming movie is about them!!!! Exciting, isn’t it? They actually are
skipping one of the 6 Borg episodes- but 5/6 isn’t that bad- they also
put on a few of the original Star Trek’s best and they put on last week’s
Voyager and DS9’s too… I just decided to let you all know! oh well…
I got another message (from Jill) so I’m up to 2 today… I’ll probably
have tons tomorrow and I’ll hopefully have time to write back… Busy,
busy, busy… well not relly- I just have to get through 3 days… I’m
almost done with my Hopkins application… I keep procrastinating- I’ll
do it by Thanksgiving- give me a call all of you college friends who’re
going to be home that weekend if you get a chance… I’ll be home all
alone since I refuse to spend the entire weekend in Washington- instead
I’m going Thurs. and leaving Friday morn on a train to return home and do
WORK! I will have everything finished by December! Then I’ll be bored in
Dec. b/c there will be no show to rehearse for. There is the chorus
concert but it’s not going to be as great as it used to be… Picard is
now yelling at Riker for remaining on the Enterprise instead of taking a
captain’s chair… of course he goes to Troi now… I did some Physics
though… oh well… WRITE ME PELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That’ll give me something to do. I went websurfing today which gets
boring after awhile… oh well… Data is so funny at times. I can’t
wait to go to school tomorrow! (sarcasm) oh well… write soon…

November 14, 1996 — A Nice Long 4 Day Weekend…

It’s teacher convention weekend! It’s nice having 4 days off… I have
to read Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead by Mon- I’ve already
finished Act 1- I’ll finish the other 2tonight… I finished the rest of
my work today except my English report which I’ll work on tomorrow night
from about 5-11… hopefully it’ll only take half of that time… I
probably won’t get started until 6 anyway- I’ll listen to Sunset Blvd
(that starts off every report), Sweeney Todd and then Rent- that’ll give
me 6 hours, which is plenty of time (I hope)… I’m really going to write
it tomorrow, really… I mean it… I still have to finish that Hopkins
application… oh well… I’ll do college stuff Saturday I guess- Sunday
I’ll just relax and go over my lines since the show is next Thurs and
Fri- you all better come if you’re still in NJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s
going to be sooooo funny!!!!! I cannot wait. I cannot wait at all. I,
wait, cannot. Wait can I? Nope. No, no, no, no… oh well… so
anyway, I’ll be pretty bored all weekend so keep that mail coming! I’ll
try not to send out too many ledgers… (we’ll see)… 525,600minutes…
that’s it for a year… where were we all last year at this time? hmm…
you know what- last year I went to see The Tempest and got Patrick
Stewart’s autograph on the Friday night of Teacher’s Convention… I’ve
run out of Bway shows to see, it seems… how pathetic for Bway that
nothing new is out… I can’t wait to see BERNADETTE at Carnegie Hall…
I’m so bored that I’m going to start counting the days to my bday… hold
on… ok, I’m back- 106 days until my 18th
birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo! only132 days left of school
until graduation… oh well… I must finish the play now- not that
anything happens in it since it’s an existentialistic play… oh well…
write soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 14, 1996 — 2nd Message of the Weekend…

It’s now Thurs. night at 10:30 and I’m completely bored- it seems that
everyone I called is out tonight… oh well… I’ll just sit here and
wirte another ledger I said to myself, so here I am… I still have Rent
on! I should copy it to a tape- then I’d have it forever… oh well…
I’m really going to write the report tomorrow- we don’t have to use note
cards! 🙂 I don’t know if that’s good though… actually, I’m going to
do a paragraph by paragraph writing- before each paragraph I’m going to
find quotes about and from each play- since I’m doing 6 plays, it’ll be a
good plan, I hope… oh well… “I should tell you…” This show is fab!
oh well… so how are all of you? I’m bored. But that’s old news. I’m
going to finish those applications this weekend, too. Really, I am. I
mean it. Really. Yep. Uh-huh. You bet. Etc… I think I’ll watch Mad
About You at 11 then Cheers at 11:30 then I’ll go to bed… I went to the
eye doctor’s today- that was really fun (supreme sarcasm) oh well… I’ll
go find something to waste time with…I’ll play Spades! I just taught
myself- it’s a Window’s game- Eric put so many in this computer and now I
have stuff to do when I’m bored… the trouble is I master everything too
quickly… oh well… WRITE SOON!

November 15, 1996 — It’s Now Friday…

It’s now Friday and I’m still procrastinating. I wanted to do something
today but I doubt that’ll happen so I should probably start on my
research report… nah, I’ll do it after supper (or dinner for those of
you that prefer to call it that)… I’m bored, but that’s usual… I
think the Rent vocal selections are out today so I’ll probably go to the
mall to pick them up… I can’t wait- I’ll never move from the piano… I
watched the Price is Right today- wow, I was awake at 11- isn’t that
amazing? So anyway, I working tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night,
I’ll probably catch up on my Trek for the week- and I have applications
to finish Sunday so I MUST FINISH MY REPORT TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! “She said
would you light my candle?” oh well… I should probably do something
productive, shouldn’t I? Hope you all enjoy your weekends… write soon-
I’m sure I will- 🙂


November 15, 1996 — Rent Music…

Although I was informed that the vocal selections from Rent would be out
today, I called every store I knew to no avail… I’ll have to settle for
just listening to it, I guess… yes, I do realize this is the 4th
message I’ve sent out this weekend; it’ll probably not be the last
either… I finished my Hopkins application. It’s ready to be mailed
Monday. I found a quote to start my paper so after dinner at about 6:30
I’ll try to start and finish it by midnight… I’ll only break if the
phone rings, which I hope it does, but it so rarely does that it probably
won’t. oh well… I’m bored out of my mind. I just beat my father in
Scrabble by over 100 points… he is getting old, I guess. That and I’m
so great that I’m unbeatable! I’m invincible! Scrabble is my favorite
game and I ALWAYS win… except when I lose, of course… oh well. I’ll
try not to send too many more ledgers out this weekend… next week is
tech week so I won’t have time anyway: come see FUNNY MONEY next Thurs.
and Fri night at 7:30!!!!!!! Talk to you soon… write back soon…


November 17, 1996 — Sunday Already

Due to popular complaint, I ix-nayed on the edger-lays yesterday, but I
just had to send out one today since I probably won’t get another chance
to mail one out until next weekend (I’m sure you’re all very disappointed)
well, the show is Thurs and Fri and I hope to see most of you there!
It’s going to be a blast… I finished my 7 page report and although it
need A LOT of work, it IS done at least. So how were your weekends? I
can’t believe that I have to go to school tomorrow, already… weekends
go too fast… I’m just going to relax and enjoy today… “no day but
today” you know… (sorry Matt, you didn’t expect me to quit quoting Rent
cold turkey, did you?) Well, if you are home for Thanksgiving and are
bored Fri or Sat. give me a call! It’s a beautiful day… I woke up in a
great mood today! I know not why but I’m taking advantage of it! Not
much else has happened- great Trek this week except that DS9 was a tiny
bit soapoperaish… hope to hear from you all soon!


November 19, 1996 — Come See FUNNY MONEY!

This is your last reminder. I will check my mail tonight after I finish
my hw (albeit it little) and then I will be working tomorrow, napping on
Thurs and Fri so I won’t be able to check my mail until Sat. night! I’ll
hopefully have lots of mail! I might actually have time Thurs and/or Fri
afternoon- we’ll see… I can’t wait for the show and tomorrow we have an
audience! I hope you all won’t be too disappointed to not get a ledger
for another week. 🙂 Write soon…


ps come to the show!!

November 21, 1996 — Funny Money

Thanx to all of those who wished me luck… I’m now going to take a 2
hour nap, then shower and eat dinner and then I’m leaving! Can’t wait!
write soon…


November 24, 1996 — Another Weekend Over…

The weekends fly by. At least there’s only 3 days this week- I never have mail on Sundays? Pourquoi pas? Do you all just never check your mail until Monday? Star Trek: 1st Contact was really great… I finished my Hopkins application. That’s about all I did this weekend… “nothing to be done.” The blood drive’s on Tues and I better go see Ms. Lentz to see if she needs help… How were your weekends? How’re you doing? I’m still in shock that the show is really over. It’s been such a huge part of my life these past few months… I’m going to be working on Wed. nights starting in March… actually, it’ll probably be right after the musical ends, too… how convienent- well, my boss, Ms. Meryl, the professional actress thought that I was the best in the show and she wouldn’t have said it if she didn’t think it… she did not like Brian very much and said that everyone else kept yelling when they were angry (Sounds like something Mrs. Burd would say) oh well… she really liked the show though and thought it was well done… I never get tired of hearing I was great 🙂 oh well… I think the cast did a superb job! It’s now 9:30 and I’m trying to find something to do, and when I could find nothing, I decided to write a ledger since I haven’t since Fri night at 2:15am… I’ll be sleeping tonight at that time… so what’s new? I’m tired. I read the comics this morning- that’s at least something I did. There’s not much else to say- write me soon!

Until whenever-


December 5, 1996 — Gifts…

Well, I’ve spent $100 on gifts for my friends in the last 2 days! I’m giving them out tonight and tomorrow which’ll make me the first to give out presents! 🙂 I still have 3 bday presents left to find which’ll be combined with the usual gift $… I bought 9 $5 _____— I’ll tell you after I’ve given them out- I don’t want to spoil the surprise for Crinnie and Rachel! 🙂 we’re singing at the Chateau tonight- that is Choir and me excpet only Dave from the Choir bass section is coming. And only 3 tenors and not all of the girls, but the smaller the group, the better the sound I think. Since we have 2 great, impeccable basses, a few tenors who aren’t that bad and soime great sops and altos, perhaps we won’t sound like crap! (for once- I WANT BOYLW BACK!!!!!) oh well. I must go finish making these cute little holiday cards now… I can’t wait to give the stuff out tonight! 🙂 Write soon…


December 8, 1996 — Life…

Well, I’ve spent $100 on gifts for my friends in the last 2 days! I’m giving them out tonight and tomorrow which’ll make me the first to give out presents! 🙂 I still have 3 bday presents left to find which’ll be combined with the usual gift $… I bought 9 $5 _____— I’ll tell you after I’ve given them out- I don’t want to spoil the surprise for Crinnie and Rachel! 🙂 we’re singing at the Chateau tonight- that is Choir and me excpet only Dave from the Choir bass section is coming. And only 3 tenors and not all of the girls, but the smaller the group, the better the sound I think. Since we have 2 great, impeccable basses, a few tenors who aren’t that bad and soime great sops and altos, perhaps we won’t sound like crap! (for once- I WANT BOYLW BACK!!!!!) oh well. I must go finish making these cute little holiday cards now… I can’t wait to give the stuff out tonight! 🙂 Write soon…


December 10, 1996 — SONDHEIM

It was spectacular! Phenominal! Superb! Magnificent! (and many ohter words I can’t spell) Bernadette was wonderful! And during intermission, I saw Stephen Sondheim was in the 4 th row- so I sprinted down 4 flights of stairs, went up to him, and shook his hand and asked for his autograph!!!!! I HAVE SONDHEIM’S AUTOGRAPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That just made my night! Bernadette dedicated the 2nd act to him. And also she gave out ornaments which say “love, Bernadette” on them- so now I have a Xmas ornament!!!!!! She was so awesome! She sung a variety of songs in Act 1: Some People, Unexpected Song, Broadway Baby, No One is Alone- she opened with “We’re in the Money” and through gold coins into the audience, but unfortunately it didn’t quite reach the 3rd tier… I tried to WOOHOO in weird places so I can pick out my voice in the video or on the CD! It was a very exciting night!!! Well, I got home around 12:30 so now I must take a nap since I can barely think straight… chorus concert thurs at 7:30… I have a solo in Gloria. It won’t be too bad, but never as good as Boyle’s concerts… until whenever! Write soon!


ps apologies to those of you who heard about this a billion times in school too…
pps Thanx Jamie for telling me about this concert!

December 11, 1996 — Rutgers…

I have been admitted to both Rutgers and the College of Engineering!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I have to send that sheet for admissions back now or do I hold onto it until May when I make my decision of where I’m going? Well, if I cna’t afford Hopkins or MIT then I’ll end up at Rutgers, in the Glee Club doing 2 shows a year!!!! Well, I have a dress rehearsal for the concert tonight… see you all there! Hallelujah!!!!


ps. Boyle is performing this Sunday or Monday at Borders with his adult choir if anyone wants to see him… I’m waiting for Lynne to tell me when exactly… her father’s in the group…

December 16, 1996 — MIT

I WAS ADMITTED INTO MIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (just so you know…) I have no idea where I’m actually going to end up though…