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This 4 week course will revamp your Musical Theatre auditions:
• Expand your song repertoire
• Discuss proper audition technique
• Learn submission etiquette
• Learn how to act through song
• Start making confident choices
• Review and critique of your headshots and resume
• Meet and audition for leading professionals in the industry
• Optional private repertoire coaching
• Limited class size

Week 1: Lecture Q&A with Seth Bisen-Hersh and review of audition material
Week 1.5: optional 45 minute private repertoire coaching with Seth Bisen-Hersh
Week 2: Group coaching session on new material with Seth Bisen-Hersh
Week 3: Workshop songs with Seth Bisen-Hersh
Week 4: Mock audition panel with Industry Guests!

All classes are held in midtown NYC

Cost: $200 for 4 weeks, additional $50 for private repertoire coaching

Are you considering putting together a cabaret act, but don't know where to start?


Topics covered will include, but are not limited to:

*What cabaret is
*Why people do cabaret
*How to book the space
*The pros and cons of various spaces in the city
*How to build an audience
*How to write a press release
*How to get people to come
*How to make postcards
*Where to leave postcards
*How to put the act together
*How to storyboard the songs
*How to write good patter
*What types of songs to do
*How many songs to do
*How to find good material
*How to play to an audience
*Overcoming anxieties

Next Session Dates TBD

Week 1: lecture on the ins and outs of cabaret
Week 2: finding new repertoire that fits your "story"
Week 3: finding the flow and the order of the show
Week 4: coaching of songs and patter

If interested, please -- email


Musical Theatre Composer/ Lyricist/ Accompanist/ Vocal Coach Seth Bisen-Hersh will be giving Master Classes on Musical Theatre Auditions and Cabarets this September. A Master Class includes a 2 hour lecture, then a two hour work session coaching material.

Friday, September 12th, 2-6pm, Audition Master Class
Friday, September 26th, 2-6pm, Cabaret Master Class

$40 for one, $60 for two + a voucher for a $20 ticket to see
Love Quirks for anyone who takes a workshop!

To register: email !

Topics covered in the Musical Theatre Audition Master Class include: practical advice, finding appropriate, actable song repertoire, how to find better audition cuts, audition preparation, proper audition technique and etiquette, how to talk to a pianist, how to organize an audition book, telling a story through song, making confident choices, overcoming anxieties, figuring out one’s type, becoming comfortable in one’s skin, getting representation, review and critique of headshots/ resume and long-term career planning.

Topics covered in the Cabaret Master Class include: what cabaret is, why cabaret exists, how to book the space, the pros and cons of various spaces in the city, how to build an audience, how to write a press release, how to get people to come, how to make postcards, where to leave postcards, how to put the act together, how to storyboard the songs, how to write good patter, what types of songs to do, how many songs to do, how to find good material, how to play to an audience and overcoming anxieties.

Seth Bisen-Hersh has played hundreds of auditions for Broadway shows, off-Broadway shows, cruise lines, regional theaters for over a decade. As a coach, he specializes in repertoire selection, finding appropriate cuts, finding truthful acting choices and providing practical advice. As an accompanist, he is familiar with almost any musical theater song and most pop songs that are used in auditions. He can also sight read fluently and transpose on sight. As a composer/ lyricist, he has written over 200 original songs between his 15 musicals/ cabarets. He teaches audition and cabaret workshops, as well as emceeing, producing and accompanying weekly talent showcases at Don't Tell Mama, which he has done over 318 featuring over 1200 performers, at least a dozen who have gone on to Broadway.


"I think I learned more from the sessions in Seth's workshops than I did from all my other classes combined!"
--Christina Sullivan

"Perfect for the returning performer, Seth's Workshop gave me the confidence to sing in front of an audience after 20 years away."
--Roy Fredriks

"Seth's workshops have prepared me to go into an audition and leave the nerves at the door!"
--Michael Cherry

"Seth's workshop is perfect for someone who wants to get a lot of material heard by someone qualified and knowledgeable."
--Kyle Bruich

"Seth is brilliant, and he brings in more brilliant people to give you feedback, so you get the most out of his workshops."
--Augustin J. Correro

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