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This is my former cat, Smee’s, webpage! These pictures start with my first meeting with him to his passing. For more old photos, follow Smee on Facebook!

Here is Smee’s Cat-Mitzvah, Facebook Lived on December 8th, 2019:

Here is a commercial for Smee:

Here is the Every Day a Little Seth Episode dedicated to Smee:


It is with a saddened heart that I have to report the devastating news that Smee passed away on Friday, November 5th, 2021 from kidney failure. We do not think he was in any pain, just that he was exhausted and ready to leave this world. We had noticed a change in him a few weeks ago, but by last week, it became drastic and worrying. Unfortunately, there was nothing the animal hospital could do and there wouldn’t have been even if we had brought him in sooner. Kidney failure is the most common cause of feline death.

Smee was born in December 2006 and was adopted on August 18th, 2007 from Animal Care and Control. He would have been 15 next month, which is fairly old for a cat.

Smee co-starred in the sitcom and web series, “Every Day a Little Seth”. He also penned cat-pers in the books, “Every Page a Little Seth” and “Millennials are Ruining the World!” He was an incorrigible, adventurous kitty who loved sticking his nose everywhere including the fridge which he broke into multiple times and the cabinet where his treats were kept. He doubled as a vacuum cleaner, ready to eat any food scraps that (often) fell to the floor. He enjoyed exploring bags, sleeping in cardboard boxes and was very astute at cleaning himself. Smee was a Jewish cat who had a whimsical cat-mitzvah when he turned 13. He also had perfect pitch and would meow in the key of whatever music was on.

Smee was loved very much and will be missed tremendously, not just by his family, but by the hundreds of fans who loved seeing him in many, many videos lying by the piano or falling out of a closet.