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So, I realize no one will ever read these in entirety unless I start having super stalker fans, but I am too much into archiving my life to delete any. Perhaps one day I’ll put them in a book with commentary, but for now: here are my email updates that I sent to my mailing list starting in 1996 when I created the Seth Ledger as a play on the Star Ledger (a newspaper in NJ).

By the way, most people seem to enjoy my foreign vacation recaps, so here are direct links to them: Italy, January 2024, Guatemala, February 2023, Japan, Switzerland/Milan/Belgium, August 2019; Portugal/Spain/Gibraltar/Morocco, May 2019; Scandinavia, August 2018; India, January 2018; United Kingdom, May 2017; Poland/Austria/Prague, July 2016; Iceland, May 2015; Germany/Paris, August 2014; Ireland/Copenhagen, Sept 2013 and Shanghai, Feb 2011.

And here’s the complete archives: