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Coaching & Classes

Coaching | Master Classes | $5 Tracks


Coaching specialities:

Revamp Repertoire (Remove overdone material)

Repertoire CD (Walk out with new songs from a collection of over 26,000 mp3s)

Recordings of accompaniments (Create a rehearsal cd of your book)

Video recordings for audition submissions (in HD)

Email PDF, get instant mp3s back (Perfect for callback sides)

Transpositions (Computer printed, includes free mp3 of song in new key)

Cuts (Clearly marked, workable, actable 16 and 32 bar cuts)

Coaching (Make truthful acting choices and relax anxieties)

Audition Advice (Current and practical)

Cabaret Acts (Every aspect)

Sight-reads / Transposes on sight

Convenient MIDTOWN location

Many quirky, original songs available

Punctual, friendly and honest

Audition Pianist for many Regional Theaters and NYC Casting Directors for over fifteen years



“Seth coached me for many important auditions, and I got my Equity card after working with him!” –Ashleigh Chilton

“If you’re looking for a treasure-trove of new and fabulous audition material,
Seth is the way to go!” –Melanie Smock

“Seth is amazing at finding material. He has a huge library on his computer, and in one hour was able to give me so many new songs to work on for my book, that it will easily take me a few months to prepare and polish all of them.” — Michael Santora

“Seth is a terrific vocal coach; every minute of the session is well
spent, productive, and, of course, fun and hilarious. Seth does not
let you leave until you feel completely confident with your audition
material. Every time I leave Seth I feel I have: 1) a snappy and
clear audition cut b) conquered any vocal troubles, c) become
completely comfortable and specific with the drama/action of the
piece. Seth’s positive and quirky energy helps actors to relax into
their audition material and ground their work in their unique selves.
He is a gem.” –Liz Kimball