Happy New Year!

Short list for 2023:
1. New York Times Crossword Debut, Monday, January 2nd!
2. Universal Crossword Sunday Debut, Sunday, January 22nd!
3. Love Quirks is being licensed. If you are interested in mounting a production, please send me an email! You can also stream the cast recording!
4. Coming soon, my 4th book: “The Making of a Musical: the 12 year journey of Love Quirks“.
5. In April I will be raising $$ for a project about my grandmother’s Holocaust story. Stay tuned for more!

I premiered MOSTLY SETH, my first solo show since 2015, off-Broadway at AMT Theater as part of their cabaret week on Wednesday, November 9th at 7PM. More info is available here, and you can actually watch the entire show right here:

Fall 2022 I celebrated my 700th showcase at Don’t Tell Mama on Tuesday, October 25th at 7PM with 15 singers. Details here! And you can actually watch the concert here:

After 12 years, my musical Love Quirks which won 4 Off-Broadway BroadwayWorld Awards including Best Musical Production and Best Score for my music/lyrics officially OPENED OFF-BROADWAY and ran for 12 weeks. Check out for its rave reviews.

The original Love Quirks off-Broadway cast recording is available on all streaming platforms, and if you’re old school, you can order one of the 500 limited copies at Kritzerland.

Visit the Showcase page to see who is performing LIVE Tuesdays at 7PM at Don’t Tell Mama and for the list of the over 4,000 performers who have previously joined me since 2007 and here’s an interview I did after one in 2019, a review of our Women Composer Cabaret in 2023, and a review of the 550th Showcase in 2019, which was a Jerry Herman Cabaret.

In 2022, I’m added a new hyphenate to my resume: film composer. Please check out my profile on SoundBetter if you’d like to (literally) hear more!

The fourth season of my podcast, Millennials are Ruining the World? an Xennial perspective: Real conversations bridging the gap between Generations X & Y, “I’m not woke, but I’m awake” has concluded, but you can catch up: here!

The audiobook version (featuring myself as narrator!) of my third book: Millennials are Ruining the World! is available on Audible, HERE.

I am thrilled to announce that I am now a published crossword puzzle writer. My three puzzles that were in the LA Times are available as a PDFs on my Puzzle page. I also had one in Universal Crossword, and my New York Times debut was 1/2/23. Enjoy!

Here are videos from me at Gotham Comedy Club: here and Broadway Comedy Club, here and here! While I’m presenting videos, August 2019 I got a little bored so I did this cute Muppet Green Acres video: Enjoy! In other comedy news, I’ve completed all of the UCB’s core Long-Form Improv program.

In 2019, I launched my Performer Page where you can find videos of standup, monologues, scenes and a still from the first feature film I shot.

Also in 2019, “Enough Already” from The Diamond as Big as the Ritz was selected out of almost 200 songs as a finalist for London’s prestigious Stiles & Drewe Prize. If you didn’t see the Get Out the Vote music video of it starring Mario Lopez released October 2018, you can view it: here:

More information about that show can be found on its webpage: here. You can purchase the cast recording on Amazon, and it’s also streaming.

Check out the side section: “Seth Abridged” for links to my sitcom pilot, my books, my music YouTube channel and my CDs, and you can now get the sheet music to almost 200 of my songs at the Seth Store!

Finally, for those of you who are Ob-Seth-ed, please check out the personal section, which features my ledger blog, picture galleries, my cat: Joni’s page, puzzles I’ve written and more! If you haven’t read my epic trip highlights, here are direct links: Japan, September 2022; Switzerland/Milan/Belgium, August 2019; Portugal/Spain/Gibraltar/Morocco, May 2019; Scandinavia, August 2018; India, January 2018; United Kingdom, May 2017; Poland/Austria/Prague, July 2016; Iceland, May 2015; Germany/Paris, August 2014; Ireland/Copenhagen, Sept 2013 and Shanghai, Feb 2011.

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