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January 5, 2004 — As a New Year Commences…


Greetings from Seth Ledger Land, that magical place that spins out tales of
adventures and wonder from the center of the universe, NYC. I apologize for
taking so long to write a ledger, but things have been quite hectic and
stressful here. However, as the year has ended, everything has fallen into
place. The new year will bring many exciting experiences, I am sure. 2003
ending has brought such closure to big stressors. More details to follow…


I feel that I should start with my new projects, for they are the most
important things in my life right now. As always, I take my career very
seriously, and I am determined to play in a Broadway pit sometime in 2004.
That is one of my New Year’s resolutions, in fact.

The current project is The Spickner Spin. It is a sharp, witty political
satire gearing up for Fringe NYC 2004. We delve into the electoral process,
and the media’s influence upon it. The basic plot follows the greatest spin
doctor in Center City, as he gets a bum elected mayor. The show examines
both a flawed political system and the public that continues to support it.

I recently completed work on the DEMO CD for the show – and it is available
on my WEBPAGE!!


It is actually rated PG, I believe, so even kids can listen this time.

We are going to start accepting DONATIONS soon. We need to raise $10,000 by
the summer. If everyone on this list gave $10, we would have $5000. I
would strongly ask everyone who can possibly afford it, to give some $$. I
would also strongly ask those of you with rich parents and relatives to ask
your parents and relatives to give $20. What is $20 to them if they’re
rich? Nothing. $20 to us is an hour and a half in a studio, or 1/3 of an
ad in backstage or 10% of the cost to make postcards…

The donation page will be up in a few weeks at:

My other current project is my new cabaret act, The Gayest Straight Man
Alive!! I have thrown all my frustration with people assuming I’m gay when
they meet me (and there are a few on this very list!) into an act. It’s
going to be tres fun, and rumor has it Miss Piggy will make an appearance.
At this rate, I’m aiming for early May to premiere the act. I will keep you
all updated, of course.

FYI, my last cabaret act went exceptionally well. A review is linked in the
signature. I extended an extra week due to popular demand, as well. I will
probably not perform that one again until I’m famous, so if you missed it
:P. Those of you who came are my heroes.

Finally, I have been commissioned to write a CHILDREN’S MUSICAL for an
already established theatre company for Spring 2005. I have a few ideas
running through my mind, perhaps Puss in Boots… perhaps a new story about
a cat (yes, I spend too much time w/ my cat)… perhaps something greek…
any ideas will be greatly appreciated, as I have a meeting about this on


I am musically directing TWO shows this spring!! YIPPEE!!

The first is a two person act entitled MAN WANTED, which consists of 2 guys
performing diva songs. It will run for 3 weeks in February off-off-Broadway.

The second is a translation of a Roman comedy. There are only 2 songs, and
I also have a small part in the show.
Unfortunately, all the performances are at 10am (YECH) but there are only 6
performances, AND it doesn’t conflict w/ any
other of my monetary sources.

I was almost playing piano for a show at Columbia, but they wanted too much of a
time commitment w/o enough $$ compensation. So they went with someone who
would commit for that little $$, unfortunately. It turned out to be my
friend, Andy, actually! So at least I’ll still have a second degree
connection to the show…

Tutoring is going well — I have a new client who lives in the village. We met 3-4 times over her break, and now we’re just doing Wednesday afternoons. So
that puts me in the village on Wednesdays if anyone wants to hang out down
there ever…

Zagat surveying is still my most reliable source of income. I try to work
at least once a weekend, sometimes twice. I stand there and beg people to
fill out forms; actually I’m quite charming. And everyone stops for me 🙂

I could probably use a few more income sources, but I feel so overwhelmed
with my projects right now, and the 2 shows coming up, that I’m trying to
take it a little easy on myself. Especially after my social life these last
few weeks… (perfect segue…)


So I had THREE friends visit in a row!! So exhausting! But it was perfect
timed with the empty room. Oh, I should digress and reveal the best news of
the new year, and the biggest stressor removed:

I FOUND A ROOMMATE!! He was just here, but he has gone to bed. His name is
Adam Friedman, a nice Jew, and he’s bringing a DVD player! 🙂 I think
we’re destined to be great friends, and am quite relieved I didn’t have to
live w/ the 50 year old who liked the place…

So yes, I had 3 people visiting in a row – Samidh, Aileen, then Niki! It
was both thrilling and exhausting. But really nice to remember I have so
many wonderful, close friends.

Then I had the MOST AMAZING NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY EVER!!!!!!! There were
like 50 people here, I kid you not. And it was CRAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaazy, but
certainly not rated PG, which is what this ledger is rated. So those of you
who want details, lemme know, but for now, I’ll just say it was the best
party I’ve EVER thrown and then best new year’s I’ve ever had!!

The social life is weaning for a few weeks b/c I’m exhausted. I have
another few friends visiting next weekend, too, I believe…


The IAP Mystery Hunt is in TWO WEEKS! I am taking the CHINATOWN bus (only
$10/ each way!!) to Boston for Martin Luther weekend as always — this will
be my 7th year captaining a team! The team we merged with last year is
joining us again, as well, so we will be twice as strong…

For those of you IN boston, you should plan on stopping by Talbot to say
hi!!! I doubt I’ll have much time to see people for long, but perhaps
Thursday night before the hunt starts or shortly after the hunt before I
catch a bus back to NYC…

Unfortunately, I used to live right by the chinatown bus. Now it’d take a
good 1.5 hour to walk. So I’ll probably break down and subway each way.
But since the price of the bus is only $10, and not $15, I still end up
saving plenty of $$… esp from Greyhound’s $80 ticket.


It has been confirmed that you can see me for 6 seconds in Anger Management.
The easiest way to view me is to get the DVD.

You can see me at 1:30:49, 1:34:11, 1:34:50-51 and 1:34:55-57. I’m usually
behind Marisa Tomei. So just look up to the corner. Usually I’m making a
face right at the camera…


I splurged and treated myself to a few movies this month — LORD OF THE
RINGS: RETURN OF THE KING was outstanding!!! I went at 12:01, like a true
nerd, and was not disappointed. I have taped the first two off Starz, as
well. I thought the final movie was the best b/c we finally got the
resolution we needed.

Xmas day, as all jews do, I went to the movies — we saw PETER PAN which was
really good. Like really good. Then since there was hardly anyone working,
we managed to sneak into two other films — COLD MOUNTAIN and BAD SANTA. I
actually liked all 3. Although Cold Mountain was too long, and really
slowly paced (if I had known it was the same director of that god-awful
English Patient movie, I never would’ve agreed to go…)


SEX and the CITY is back for the final 8 episodes!!! I have watched the
first one 3 times now (it came on demand at midnight…). It is sad to see
the show end, but I’m glad they’re ending before it gets bad… like
Friends… Speaking of, only 10 episodes left of that show, too!

And Frasier ends, as well. Now THAT show is really still funny, and has
never wavered.

Curb your Enthusiasm’s back too, and it’s a hilarious subplot following
Larry being in the Producers — they set up SO many things tonight, and I
look forward to seeing the season unveil.

Simpsons and Malcolm are still funny. Esp Malcolm. Enterprise is back soon
(I got an Enterprise calendar this year for Hanukkah!). And then the only
other shows I watch regularly are That 70s Show and SCRUBS, which remains
the funniest show…


Sadly, I haven’t sent a ledger is so long, such that the theater list seems
really, really long. I actually have been cutting back b/c I’m too lazy to
review as much anymore, and I’m too tired to call and make arrangements for
comps. I refuse to pay for a show; if I can’t get a comp, it’s not worth
seeing. I won’t die if I skip it…

Anyway, here’s the list of what I’ve seen since the last ledger:


Wicked — What can I say? KRISTIN CHENOWETH is perfect. The most perfect
actress in the world. Although the score isn’t exceptional and there are
many, many lyrics I’d change, I still really enjoyed this show overall.

Taboo — I didn’t quite enjoy Taboo as much. I got my free comps being on
the Taboo street team, as you’ll remember. The 2nd time I saw it was better
than the first though…

The Caretaker — I met PATRICK STEWART again!!! He’s such a classy guy.
Sat front row, and he’s incredible.

Wonderful Town — I love DONNA MURPHY!! She’s so sweet, too. The show is a
little dated, but still was worth going to.

Anna in the Tropics — DAPHNE was great — the show is a little dull, but I
can see why it won the Pulitzer Prize… (I hope to win that around 45)

The Violet Hour — I still don’t know if I enjoyed this play or not. It was
certainly weird. But in a good way…

Never Gonna Dance — I reviewed this one for my site. Lots of great
dancing, but the plot and some of the talent was lacking…


Living Out — really good play at Second Stage. Really good.

Listen to your Heart — review of David Friedman’s songs. Really enjoyable
and touching.

Wilder — kinda dull and weird musical… review is posted on!

Aunt Dan and Lemon — really powerful play where I knew some of the stars
(talk about weird, KNOWING stars in professional plays!)

The Regard Evening — BILL IRWIN is so AWESOME!!

Dinner with Demons — show where you watch a guy cook onstage. It really
made me hungry, and they wouldn’t give us any… 🙁

Laughing Wild — great production of Durang’s play! I love DURANG!!

Cabin in the Sky — revival at Musicals Tonight of an old musical… very
dated, but enjoyable – review up at

The Little Princess — really crappy show, review up at

Catholic School Girls — enjoy revival of show about 4 catholic school girls
– review up at

Blue Martini — cute comedy about 20 somethings – review at

The Illusion — I reviewed my friend Aida’s play, and she was incredible!
review up at

Love from Judy — another cute show at musicals tonight — one from london
that never got presented here until now… review at

Love Labor’s Lost — another production of this shakespearean show — a
really enjoyable one scored by a jazz pianist.. review at

Clurman — one man show about Clurman. enjoyable but dull. review at

Primrose — 3rd musicals tonight production — very british as well – review
at .

Unaccessorized — ushered for this one man show — really enjoyed it.

Gifts of the Magi — reviewed this lukewarm musical for These are
the people I wrote, and they said they needed one more children’s musical
for their children’s theatre program in spring 2005… 😉

Gimme a Break III — helped out at the Gimme a Break benefit again! And boy
was it fun giving out wine to stars… met Tommy Tune. Very sweet guy.

Gypsy of the Year 2003 — I really thought the Gypsy skit was the best —
they did Gypsy in the style of Mendes’ Cabaret. It was adorable, but alas,
it didn’t win…

I actually don’t have much else to review yet b/c new productions don’t
start up again until February. But I foresee seeing a lot more shows in the
very near future, so I’ll keep you all updated when I have comps, etc.


So I guess that catches you up. It’s going to be an incredible year. I’m
hopeful that this will be the year I catapult to fame b/c frankly I am sick
of being so poor. And even sicker of having to work other jobs while trying
constantly to make it in this business. But you do what you have to do.
And I will make it b/c there is no other option.

Before I end this ledger, I will make a small plea on behalf of my friend
Aaron, who is working for HOWARD DEAN, the soon to be Democratic candidate
for President. I urge you all to go to his webpage
(, and learn about him. For he is our best chance at
throwing out the evil dictator who has made the rest of the world despise
Americans. I realize the monkey in charge has tried quite a few
brainwashing tricks to get the Americans to vote for him again (finding
Sadam just when his ratings were down… traveling to Iraq for Thanksgiving
(a shame he didn’t get shot there)…) but we must remember that HE is the
evil that he talks about consistently. The government and media spin
stories to convince the public they have our best interests at heart. But
they only have the interests of the rich and powerful.

We must stand firm together to overthrow the current regime. Although our
show does not merely take stabs at it, we make sure to look at what kind of
country and what kind of public could be fooled so easily. We hope to make
a difference in the world.

Enough seriosity!

I wish you all incredibly wonderful new years. If I haven’t gotten an
e-mail from you since 2003, you should write me, b/c I care and want to be
caught up in everyone’s ongoing sagas!!

Before I end, my sister said I should mention her. So I am. She is as
nocturnal as I, and is one of the few people online after 4am… I guess it
runs in the family…

Congrats if you made it this far… Talk to y’all soon!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂



February 13, 2004 — A Fortnight and a Day ‘Til I’m a Quarter of a Century…
Greetings all those out there in ledgerland! This will be an unusually
short ledger, but it’s an important one to send out before I get swamped in
performances and stuff. First, don’t forget my BIRTHDAY on the 28th!!!!
(Big party on the 15th, lemme know if you didn’t get that invite and wanna

Second, here is all the info on the show I’m doing — you locals already got
it, but now there’s a DISCOUNT offer, so you can see it for only $26!!!


Selby Brown and Ben West in

The Ultimate Diva Revue

Music Direction & Arrangements by Seth Bisen-Hersh
Conceived & Produced by Ben West
Directed & Choreographed by Brian Swasey

All Seats $40

Wed-Fri at 8, Sat at 2 & 8, Sun at 2 & 7; 212-279-4200
CENTER STAGE NY, 48 W. 21st St


Here’s 2 pages on it:


Discount offer:

There are a limited number of seats for every performance
available at $26. The discount code is DIVA26.

Three ways to get tickets:
2) call TC at 212-279-4200
3) TC box office at 416 W. 42nd Street (no processing fee)

They have to be ordered in advance.



I’m musically directing a production of Curculio — which is a roman comedy
that has been translated which has only 2 songs in March/ April — it’s 5
performances, 4 at 10am (yech!!) but it pays well, and I get a free trip to

Speaking of, I will be in BOSTON again from 4/12-4/14 — I believe I’m free
Monday between 2 and 5:30, Monday after 10ish, and Tuesday after noon
through all Tuesday night.

I will send e-mail to my friends still in Boston (I think there are only
like 20 left!) closer to the date to plan seeing each and every one of you
if possible…. (Priorities will be of course given, as always, to those of
you willing to feed me.)

I’ve been sending my resumes in to a few places who are doing shows in May
in the hopes to squeeze one more in this spring before I get swamped with
the Fringe.


Scribby and I are in the process of finishing up writing the show. It is by
far the best thing we’ve ever written.

We will be very soon accepting tax deductible donations at:

Any donation is greatly appreciated — there will be a whole reward program
set up, as well.

Those of you who actually have jobs, and those of you who have (or are) rich
relatives are very nicely implored to donate. If everyone on this list
donates $20, then we will have the $10,000 we need to put on the show.

This show will hopefully get picked up this year — it’s very good timing w/
the election coming up, etc.


I am about 2/5 away from finishing my new act!!! I haven’t set times/ dates
to do it b/c I’m waiting to see if I end up doing a show in May, when we’re
having our first reading of the Spickner Spin, etc. I would like to do at
least one performance before people disappear for the summer. I’ll probably
do 4 performances this time since last time 3 seemed to be doing incredibly
well. I will also probably do the act again in September, post-Fringe to
invite all those new people I meet!!!!


This is the tentative title of Andrew and my new children’s musical.
Basically, it’s about a kid who is stressed out and decides rather than
doing her homework, she wishes she could be like her cat. (I wonder which
cat inspired this tail… I mean tale… 😉 ) Then she goes on a journey to
see what it’s like to be all these different pets — who all get musical
numbers in various styles, etc. I think it’s going to be really cute.
That’s for 2005.


So I’m doing fine with all these shows I’m musically directing. I can
actually be picky about taking jobs. I prefer ones in Manhattan. Leaving
Manhattan sucks. I’ve had a steady TUTORING client down in the village, and
that’s $75/ hour which is perfect. So I no longer work for less than that.

Well that’s not true. I do $50 for playing piano for people or vocal/
audition coaching — I get clients quite sporatically, but it’s good cash
flow — I had one half hour session today actually, and I just got a call
about doing one next Tuesday, as well!!

And of course, there’s my faithful Zagat job! I’m trying to get the Zagats
to give a few thousand dollars for the show actually…


So in case you haven’t noticed, I have become obsessed w/ .
If you have are a user and haven’t added me as a friend yet ADD ME AS A
FRIEND. That is an order. I am linked to over one million people who are
within 6 degrees of my 100s of friends! It’s thrilling.


Only TWO Sex and the City episodes left!!!! I am beyond sad. I’ve been
rewatching this seasons so far, and I don’t know how I’ll make it through
the next 2 weeks. But I suppose somehow I’ll manage.

The new craze is The L Word, which is actually a pretty good show — much
better than Queer as Folk, I think.

Other shows I’m keeping up with — Friends (only 4 episodes left, but it is
about time they ended it); Frasier (only 10 episodes left, and I can say
that I NEVER missed a SINGLE one in 11 years (yes I have OCD)); Scrubs
(still very funny); Enterprise (INCREDIBLE this year!! Almost as good as
TNG!!); Gilmore Girls (this is such a smart, clever show!); Simpsons;
Malcolm; Oliver Beane; Curb Your Enthusiam (Larry David is one of the few
people who can make me laugh out loud!); That 70’s Show… I think that’s
all I keep up with. It’s VERY stressful, and my vcr has been a little
flaky, so I’ve had to go to crazy means to keep up w/ my shows this season…

If only every show would be available on demand…


This is so sad! I’ve seen like 3 shows since the last ledger. Nothing
terribly exciting. I’ve been so swamped with writing and rehearsals that
there just hasn’t been any time… But I’ll see shows again in March, I

Best show on Bway: Ave Q.


So for those of you who don’t remember MY BIRTHDAY IS FEBRUARY 28th —
that’s the 28th — as in 15 days from now — as in don’t forget to send an
ecard, esp if I always send you one!!!

In conclusion, life here is good. Busy but that’s good. I need to get a
New York license by the end of the month, so I’m dreading going to the DMV…

Yeah that’s really it — see that WAS short. So kudos for making it to the
end, but not as much kudos as usual… 😉

WRITE BACK if I haven’t talked to you in over a MONTH or ELSE!!!!!



March 24, 2004 — Marching towards April…

The Seth Ledger

Well here it is almost April, and I have almost failed to produce a MARCH
ledger!! So I am taking a break from my busy, busy life to catch y’all up
on it!! Besides I need a break from reading Fringe scripts…


The first news is that my webpage ( has
been COMPLETELY redone!!!!! I know most of you are saying it’s about time,
and although it’s not actually about time (it’s about ME!) it has been
revamped. So GO check it OUT!!! It looks SOOOO professional!!! AND all
the ledgers from 1996-2003 are FINALLY up!! So you can reread about my life
for the last 8 YEARS!!!!!! (Thanks to Stephie for redesigning it — she’s
one of my 20 new FRIENDSTER friends, most of whom are receiving their first
ledgers tonight…)


I had a RECORD number of people remember my birthday this year!!!! I am
SOOOOO impressed and honored!!! I’m in absolute shock I’m 25. (I can rent
a car!!) But I guess it’s better than turning 30… 😉 If you sent a ecard
and didn’t get a thank you, then I didn’t receive it — I have found out
from 2 people they sent greetings that were lost; I don’t know if on this
end or that end, but if you didn’t get a thanks that mean it was. So
resend! (This also gives opportunity to those of you who actually forgot to
pretend you sent a card… 😉 )


So this week has been especially long, and it’s only Tuesday… First off,
there are FOUR visitors in town who I am trying to squeeze in. Secondly, my
last tutoree for the SAT is taking the test on Saturday and has wanted to
meet a lot these last few weeks (not that I’m complaining about the $$!!).
Thirdly, I am playing for a new client’s (yay Craigslist!!) DEMO CD Friday,
and we have been meeting weekly…

Finally, I am a FRINGE ADJUDICATOR. What does this mean, you ask? It means
that I have to review applications and read scripts, etc. I am sworn to
secrecy on the exact details, but let’s just say I have 36 applications/
scripts/ videos to read/ watch between when I got them (3/10) and this
Sunday. I have completed 30 so far. So I have 6 to go… And in exchange,
I get a VIP PASS!!! Which means I can, not only, get free tickets — I can
get them in ADVANCE and get an extra one per show!! So all my friends can
see Fringe shows for free (except mine, which everyone MUST come to and pay

So yes, it’s a long, long week — add in the projects below, and phew, no
wonder I’m busy!!


SOOOOOo few projects… SOOOoooooo much time… Strike that. Reverse it.


Man Wanted has ended its run! It was a ton of fun, but now it’s done.

Here’s a review we received: Look
my name is in BOLD!!!!! 🙂


So I’m in rehearsals for this show, and it’s going up in the away message a
lot, and people are all inquiring about it, so let me just tell everyone at

It’s sort of fun… It’s a translation of a Roman Comedy by Plautus, and ancient playwright. The director/ producer does a Plautus play every year for he is convinced Plautus birthed all dramatic forms…

We’re performing at 10am, which will really suck, but it’s only for one week…

I am playing for 2 songs that the show has, and in addition to those, I have a small role. I have only 7
lines, but they are quite juicy and quite fun to do.

I play a crafty cook who interprets dreams — so I get to do this whole
seance thing… It’s really odd being on stage and not being MYSELF,
honestly, but it is quite refreshing to dust off the old acting chops…

I’m going to be in BOSTON 4/12-14, and I promise to send out an e-mail to
all my Boston friends right before to see how many of you I can squeeze into
the journey… As a social butterfly, I’ll obviously choose socializing over
sleeping for the few days…

So yeah, the show is going to be performed for Latin classes first in
Boston, then in the Bronx. It is not something that anyone should think of
seeing (especially at that hour), but I wanted to mention it since it will
be taking up a lot of my time for the next 3 weeks….


I am nearing completion on my new cabaret act!! It will consist of approx.
16 new songs all about my life at 25 in NYC being the gayest, straight man
alive… I touch on quite a few taboo subjects, so it is definitely rated R
at the very least, so I won’t go into it here since I leave the ledgers
slightly PG, but it is going to be extremely funny. Extremely.

I am hoping to perform my act in MAY or JUNE — I’m thinking of doing 4
shows this time since 3 worked last time. So maybe 2 weeks in May, and 2 in
June? That is the idea anyway…

This is the act that EVERYONE has to come to or else!!!!!!!


If you haven’t listened to the brilliant demo cd of the Spickner Spin on my
webpage yet, you don’t know WHAT you are missing. We find out if we get
into the Fringe on 4/26, so look for a ledger after then to announce the

A reminder: we are still accepting donations! We are trying to reach
$10,000, so we need everyone’s help!!! It’s all TAX DEDUCTIBLE — we’ll be
announcing incentives soon!!!!

Just to recap, the show is about the greatest spin doctor in Center City who
gets bet he can’t get a bum elected mayor. Of course he does proving how
easy it is to get elected in this country, how fickle the public is, how
self-serving the media is, etc, etc.

We’re having our first reading of the script tomorrow, just the creators,
and we’re going to fine-tune it until it’s perfect. I will take no more
chances! This show will get picked up for Broadway, or I will cry!!! 🙂
Off-Broadway at least, I’d hope…

And we’re hopefully doing a BENEFIT CONCERT — an evening of my music — so
probably we’ll bring back some Meaningless Sex people, as well as some of
our new Spickner Spin cast — to raise $$$$, too, so keep your eyes posted
for that!!!


Alright, the children’s show is kind of on a back burner, but there is an
outline completed. We’ll probably start working on this mid-September when
the Fringe has dissipated and life has resumed…


I had the privilege of performing a benefit for a fellow theatre company
last Friday. It was incredible!! I performed “If Only I Were Gay” (with a
LOT of patter beforehand) to a room FULL of strangers, and they absolutely
LOVED ME!!! In fact, almost EVERYone signed up for my mailing list, and
shook my hand. And at the party afterwards, people just wouldn’t stop
talking to me!!! And here, I was going to go home earlier and read some
Fringe scripts…

In any case, I felt like a star. And this is only the beginning…

Oh in other random news, I programmed “If Only I Were Gay” to be my CELL
PHONE RING!!!! Isn’t that cute? 😉


This is just a section to say that my cat is the cutest cat ever. PS.
There’s a song about him in my new act!!


So as a birthday present pour moi, we upgraded our package to DVR = Digital
Video Recorder — basically it’s a smaller version of TIVO. It has
COMPLETELY REVOLUTIONIZED MY LIFE!!!!!! (and ps there’s a song about it in
my new act…)

OMG!!!!!! I love it; I LOVE IT!!!!!

Every week I go through the shows and movies, and I set it to record oodles
— I have it record all my favorite shows when they’re new, so I don’t even
have to CHECK if there’s a new one on or not!!!

And since my roommate is a huge Simpsons fan, it tapes EVERY single Simpsons
ever aired!!! (At 3/ day, that’s a lot!)

Also, there is an unlimited amount of shows I can watch, so I’ve added a few
new Fox shows to my lineup — Cracking Up, which is ok, and Wonderfalls
which I really like.

But it’s not surprising I like it b/c the creator wrote for a few Star Trek
series, and creating Dead Like Me (which will be back in JULY!!)

I will severely miss SEX and the CITY, but all of the seasons are going to
be available on demand — two/ month for the next 3 months — so I will
complete my collection of them all within a few weeks!!!!

The BEST season finale this year was CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, which was
HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Totally inspired.

Anyway, I have like ten WOODY ALLEN movies tivoed now, so if anyone is so
inclined to come over and watch a handful, do let me know!!


My license expired. And I have to go to the DMV to get a NY one. But they
close at 4, and I’m barely up by 2! So one of these days soon… and it
doesn’t help that I need one by 4/7.

Oh, I’ll be in NJ for HALF a day on 4/7 for those of you in EB who’d like to
try to see me — I’m going to Jill’s informal seder Wednesday; since I’m
unable to go to the annual family one b/c of rehearsals Mon and Tues, I
figure it’s the least I can do.

Besides, then I can stock up on food at Shop Rite again since it’s been
almost 2 mos since the last time… (Yup I can get enough groceries to last
2 mos! Then I only have to go shopping 6 times/ year…)


Zagat is currently the job that pays the bills the most. By working
Saturday and Sunday every week, I can pay the entire month’s rent!! Since
everyone gets calls from me on Saturdays and Sundays (and if you don’t,
leave me your number, and you’ll start to), I figured I’d just give a
description of what exactly I do:

I do NOT see the shows. I do NOT survey restaurants. I work for Zagat’s
Theatrical Guide. It comes out 4 times/ year, and also there is a weekly
spread in the Wall Street Journal’s weekend section.

I give out FREE PENS to those who are nice enough to stop and fill out the 4

It’s actually a really fun job when the weather isn’t freeezing. Speaking
of, it has GOT to get warmer soon, for I am sick of this winterness!!! And
I still REFUSE to subway, so I’ve been walking in the cold a LOT lately, and
it has got to stop!!


I hereby endorse John Kerry for President. Enough said.


So I have been PERFORMING and REHEARSING shows so much that I haven’t been
SEEING them, BUT I just signed up to see a whole bunch in the next few
weeks. Since the last ledger, however, I did see the following:

Fiddler on the Roof — the new revival has moments that are WORSE than MY
production at MIT!!!!!!!!! And most of the cast is EH.

Sweeney Todd — the opera was like watching the original staging w/ a worse
cast. But it still is the best show ever written.

Gay Divorce — a revival of an old Cole Porter musical

Don Juan — a mildly dull adaptation of the Moliere classic

I’m GOING to REVIEW/ USHER for the following in the next few weeks to make
up for lost time: The 3 Sisters, Raw Theatre (10 – 10 minute musicals),
Bill Irwin’s Mr. Fox, Unidentified Human Remains, Oswald’s Backyard, First
Lady Suite, Finian’s Rainbow, and Assassins…

I’m also still reviewing cds for (yay free cds!) so of course
go there and to and for my latest reviews I’ve


And we’ve come to the end of yet another ledger. I hope you have enjoyed
the ride, and finally feel updated in my life!

If I haven’t talked to you in over a month, you should WRITE BACK RIGHT NOW!!!

Congrats to those of you brave enough to make it to the end.

Until next month and beyond!!!!! GO CHECK OUT MY NEW WEBPAGE!!!!!!



May 11, 2004 — we got into the FRINGE again!!!!!

Hello again, and welcome to the current edition of the Seth Ledger, brought
to you by the letters S and L. I hope you all have been doing swell; I
apologize for not sending one out sooner, but I was waiting to hear about
the FRINGE festival, so I could announce our show. And then I had to do
press releases and post the audition notices, etc, etc, so I am finally
getting around to writing this ledger — which I think will probably end up
being a small ledger given the fact that I haven’t much to report sans my
shows. So without much ado…


Lemme start by announcing my latest cabaret act, for those of you not on my
NYC list. My newest act (my third one in three years) is going to be the
epitome of all my acts — I have written 18 brand new songs specifically for
this act. It is incredibly funny and also has its emotional moments — I
hope everyone can come!! I need to sell out every night so I can pay my
rent all summer!! 🙂


The Gayest Straight Man Alive
a musical study of gay heterosexuality

By and starring Seth Bisen-Hersh
composer of the award-winning Fringe show “Meaningless Sex”

Fridays, June 4th & 11th — 10:30PM
Saturdays, June 5th & 12th — 5PM

$15 General Admission/ $10 Students & Seniors
Where Eages Dare Theater
347 W. 36th St.
For reservations call: 212-265-0932 or e-mail



Our new musical satire about a drunken bum who gets elected to public office
will premiered in the 2004 New York International Fringe Festival!!!!

This is an extremely clever and entertaining show, and you all should plan
to come to NYC in August to see it!!

We are going to do a benefit concert/ dj party tentatively on Thursday JUNE
10th, so that’s a very good weekend to come visit, and come to the concert
and to my act!

In other news, we are NOW set up for TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS of ANY
denomination (those of you who are working or have rich parents should
donate as much as you can!).

Go to: to donate and for
incentives on donating!!

We’re having auditions for the 15 person cast in two weeks (details on the
site above) and we’re finishing draft 3 soon. Then, we finalize draft 4,
and I get to orchestrate the show for 8 instruments…

This promises to be the best show I have ever written/ worked on in my life,
and our greatest hopes is to get picked up to run off-Broadway and get
regional performances, etc, etc.

I think I was a little more excited last year, but it is with insouciance
that I temper my enthusiasm with some realism.


Eric has uploaded all my new cat pictures (I just take rolls and rolls of
the cutest cat ever!!)

I don’t know how I ever lived w/o a cat. He keeps me sane!


That’s the other thing that keeps me sane — I don’t think I can ever go
back to watching live tv again!! I’ve saved almost every Woody Allen movie,
and I think I’ve seen most of them now!

I had a party for the FRIENDS finale — my last time having people over for
the new episode. I was very unsurprised by the ending, but glad it wasn’t
too sappy. I’m going to be sadder for the FRASIER finale b/c that show has
actually remained funny for 11 years… other than that, tv is all wrapping
up for the summer. But that means SIX FEET UNDER and DEAD LIKE ME will be
back soon!!!


Well, I could use some more odd jobs. But Zagat continues to pay most of
the bills for now, although it’ll be lessening over the summer since not
much opens up. I’m playing for someone tomorrow though for a bit, so
hopefully more tiny gigs will pop up.

If EVERYONE comes to my NEW ACT then I can pay the RENT all SUMMER LONG!!!


I am volunteering at the Drama Desk Awards again to get to go for free —
hopefully next year I’ll be nominated for one… and I have signed up to
SEAT FILL at the Tony’s as always — so look for me!! A lot of people
signed up this year apparently, but I’m hoping they’ll take those veterans
who have been going for many years like me. Again, perhaps next year I’ll
be nominated instead 😉


So I’ve been very, very busy writing, so I haven’t seen THAT much —
although it looks like I’ve seen a lot, but when you think that it’s been
almost 2 mos since I last sent out a ledger, then really, I haven’t seen as
much per capita as I have, but that’s ok b/c I’m writing a lot, and that’s
the important thing — and I was IN 2 shows this spring, as we’ll all
remember, and that took up a lot of time and did manage to pay the rent for
almost 2 mos w/o relying on any of my other income sources.

So anyway, here’s what I’ve seen in the last few mos:

Caroline, or Change — This musical is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I
was shocked to have liked it so much, but it is brilliant. And I’m really
glad I got to see it before it closes. So this is now on my must-see
Broadway musicals list!

I will be seeing Sight Unseen Tuesday night and Assassins Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. Fox — Bill Irwin’s latest — I quite enjoyed it.

First Lady Suite — revival of a really intellectual musical w/ a dynamite
cast. Very good production.

Finian’s Rainbow — revival of the classic starring the lovely Melissa
Errico – lots of fun!

Bare — new pop opera, the less I say, the less likely someone involved w/
the show will read this and hate me.

I will be seeing BEBE in Here Lies Jenny on Friday!

Dreams Like This (Best of Raw Theatre) — 8 short musicals, kinda fun –
review is up on

Unidentified Human Remains — went to support Lauren’s first job SMing —
sadly the production was kind of tame and lame

The Curate’s As You Like It — interesting show if not brilliant – review is
up on

Measure for Measure — lukewarm production of the Shakespeare comedy –
review is up on

Iolanthe — brilliant production of the G&S operetta – absolutely divine and
highly recommended – review is up on

Have a Heart — revival of an early Jerome Kern musical – review is up on

I’ll be seeing Merrily We Roll Along… at the Gallery Players in Brooklyn a
week from Friday and the musical version of Salome, Giving/ Getting Head,
this Thursday.

This will probably be it for me seeing shows until September, although I
shall try to squeeze in a few things while rehearsing and performing lots of
things – including the new HARRY POTTER MOVIE (!!!!) and The Musical of
Musicals: The Musical (I will call the ushering line every day until someone
calls me back, darn it!)


I figured I should start a new section for all those celebrities I pass on
the street or see at shows. I should probably keep a list somewhere, but
off the top of my head, the ones I have seen recently include:

Tom Stoppard, the mother from the Wonder Years, Kitty Carlisle Hart, Jerry
Orbach, Lea Thompson, Parker Posey, Elizabeth Berkley, and the guy who plays
Dr. Cox on Scrubs.

Of course, if you included the Broadway celebs I see around town on a daily
basis, it’d be a much, much longer list…


Well, that seems to be all there is to report — I told you it was going to
be short. (I shall resist the urge to resort to retort.)

I hope you’re all doing swell — if you haven’t written back in ages, you

COME SEE MY SHOWS and talk to y’all SOON!!!!!!!!!



July 28, 2004 — As August Approaches…

The Seth Ledger

How are you all doing? As you might have guessed, things are CRAZY here,
but I have a few free hours before my board game party tonight to attempt to
catch you up on goings on here.


My life has been consumed by my new musical, The Spickner Spin. You all
should have received information about it by now. If not, a reminder that
the showtimes are as follows:

Sat 8/14 2:45pm, Sun 8/15 7pm, Thurs 8/19 10:30pm, Mon 8/23 5pm, Fri 8/27

And TICKETs go on SALE on FRIDAY (those of you in the NYC area will most
definitely get my reminder tomorrow…).

The plan is to sell out the first show BEFORE the festival starts, so I
implore as many people as possible to come to that one. Order your tickets
on Friday. The sooner it sells out, the better!!

This show is incredible — we have lavish dance numbers from our broadway
choreographer — a charleston, a tango, a duel… we have a live 10 person
orchestra who sound terrific and a sixteen person cast of professionals who
emit so much talent and charm that this show is destined to be a hit!!

It will be THE fringe show of the YEAR — and I hope we win more than just
the audience favorite award this time around…

We got our POSTCARDS made up. The graphic is up at our new webpage (soon to
be updated):


As many of you know, I am getting a new roommate this weekend. His name is
Joey and he seems chill. He’s bringing in a new couch — so we’ll have a
couch AND a futon — plenty of space for parties and visitors.

He’s signing into a one year lease w/ me, so it’s confirmed I won’t be
moving anywhere until at least 8/05. Although, I have been trying to clear
out as much as possible to the garbage or NJ since this is the first year I
haven’t moved — this is the first time I’ve EVER stayed in one place for
more than a year… I feel like I actually live here!

My other roommate is asleep right now on the window sill. He continues to
be doing well; he has a new bag he likes to play with. And he has a new
spot in the bathroom where he likes to sit, nestles by the sink. Sometimes
he even sits on the bathroom scale — I guess he’s a vein cat…


Why does anyone NOT have a tivo by now? It’s so liberating — I can get
into ANY tv show on ANY netowrk and just have it record them all for me. SO
simple! I think I need to find a new 30 minute sitcom — if anyone has any
suggestions lemme know. Perhaps something classic… hm…

My shows for the summer are all new on SUNDAY — it’s very SUnday heavy.

SIX FEET UNDER hasn’t been as brilliant as seasons passed, but usually the
season builds to the conclusion, so I remain attached to it.

DEAD LIKE ME started with an INCREDIBLE season premiere! I am SOO psyched
for this season!!!

My final new show (thanks to Kevin) is the 4400 which is an XFiles-esque new
sci-fi show on USA!! Sadly there are only going to be 6 episodes to start,
but it looks likely it will get picked up and expanded to a full season next
year! It’s filling that sci-fi void in my life… (I currently am tivoing
QUANTUM LEAP (back on sci-fi!) and DEEP SPACE NINE (which I haven’t seen
since it was new), but alas, I know the endings to most of them… it’s nice
to be kept on my feet for a change!)


I’ve been too busy to see much — I have reviewed a few musicals here and
there, nothing really worth mentioning. I am going to see a bout 50 shows
in the FRINGE FESTIVAL w/ my VIP PASS!!! (Adjudicating was SO the way to go
— I can get myself AND a guest in to any show and even get tickets in
ADVANCE if something is selling out too quickly!!)

I’m going to see SONDHEIM’s the FROGS in a few weeks — it was really hard
to find a comp, but I managed finally…


THE most BRILLIANT movie out right now is FAHRENHEIT 9/11. I will not SPEAK
to anyone who has not seen this movie, so it is in your best interest to go!
(Unless the thought of me not speaking to you fills you w/ joy… 😉 )

I have billions of WOODY ALLEN movies on tivo, as well as classics which I
always mean to watch but don’t… and of course I tivo any musical movie
that comes on… like the other day I watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers…


I had the pleasure of playing for Ann Morisson last week (she was the
original Mary in Merrily…) and I’m going to be helping her out on her new
project this fall. She intends to get handicapped kids to perform on
Broadway. We’re going to start small and then expand… she’s brilliant and
SO talented, and I’m glad I got to meet her at Chatterbox… speaking of
we’re getting KRISTIN next week, and I’m completely missing an hour of
rehearsal to go, but it’s worth it b/c it’s KRISTIN.


Well, we’re hopeful the show will get picked up this year. It’s certainly
better than most of the things on Broadway now, but that doesn’t guarantee

We’re inviting hundreds of producers and regional theatres personally in a
huge mailing to go out next week!!! So hopefully a few will come and be

So everyone keep your fingers CROSSED and make sure to BUY YOUR TICKETS on

(and feel free to donate more $$ as we could use a few more thousand $$’s.)


SO this was the SHORTEST ledger ever, but I wanted to make sure to catch
everyone up, amd make sure EVERYONE BUYS THEIR TICKETS ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

I will see EVERYONE during the FRINGE at our show! Make sure you stay after
to say hello (but in the lobby since we’ll need to clear the theatre within
10 minutes post-show.)

I trust you’re all having great summers!!!!!

(ps. don’t forget to vote for JOHN KERRY in november or I’ll disown you!!!)



September 1, 2004 — another Fringe ends…

The Seth Ledger

It’s a miracle! I am sending this out on the FIRST of the MONTH — can you
believe it? I’m flabbergasted, but pleasantly surprised. I’m rarely this
punctional, except of course for April…

First off, I should welcome the approximately 20 new people I have added to
my ledger list (muhahaha!). Most of them know all about what I shall talk
about b/c I met them during the Fringe…


I have survived yet another Fringe Festival. That makes my third. I saw 43
shows this time — Three, Vampire Cowboy Trilogy, The Passion of
George W Bush, The Adams Conglomorate 8th Grade…, Rings, Mimi LeDuck,
Young Zombies in Love, The Bicycle Men, Womyn in Three, Ellen Craft,
Infertility, Sleeping w/ Management, Hanging Chad, Martha and Me, Rapt
Inside, A is for Aardvark, Dog Sees God, Mankynde, Host & Guest, Go Robot
Go, The Antfarm, Subway Train, Reconstruction, A Transylvanian in Silicon
Valley, Reddy or Not, Die, Die, Diana, A Place Without Seasons, Cane’s
Bayou, The Tragedy…, Granola: the Musical, Let There Be Light, Training
Wysteria, John Walker: the Musical, Angry Teenage Girl Gang, Spare Change,
Dixie’s Tupperware Party, Branca, Jonestown: the Musical, How to Save the
World…, The Only Thing Straight is my Jacket, Lulu, Disembodied Soul, The
Last Detail, The Chaos Theories !!!

Woo! So that’s why you haven’t heard from me lately, or haven’t gotten my
typical quick responses, etc.

I was literally: waking up and then running downtown and seeing 3-5 shows
per day for 2.5 weeks.

That is when I didn’t HAVE my own show. Speaking of…


We had almost 600 people come see our show this year!! That’s quite a lot
— I hope they all come to my act when I redo (more on that later). We had
TREMENDOUS audience response… in fact, we won the AUDIENCE FAVORITE AWARD
for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW!!!!!!!

(yes, that’s put in all caps for those of you who just skim for caps —
don’t deny it, I know y’all do it sometimes…)

I think they should rename the award “Seth’s Audience Award”, but that’s
another story.

We had 7 reviews come out — 4 of which were raves, 2 lukewarm and 1 really
nasty person who I think doesn’t like me trashed the show… but who cares
about that one when there are 4 raves — and I only know 2/4 reviewers! 😉

Here are the raving links:

I’m quite excited about the Backstage one, and I hope they actually print it
b/c who goes to the webpage to read reviews?

Anyway, I had the time of my life. I love my 16 person cast and my 10
person orchestra. They were all fabulous.

We’re hoping that one of the producers who came will be interested in at
least having us put together a reading, but now the waiting game begins. I
actually talked to one and he said he’d be in touch — so everyone keep your
fingers crossed. Consensus is that with a few rewrites we are definitely
off-Broadway material. So let’s hope we get the chance to make that happen!


Just to keep myself busy and to be able to perform again without major
rehearsals (what a time sink!), I am bringing back my act from June. There
are so many people who were away from the summer, and I made so many new
Fringe friends (most of which are on this list now!) that I think I can
easily have an audience to do the act at least a few more times.

I haven’t heard back from the guy I did some free stuff for down at a space
I was told I could have for free, so I think I’m going to have to CALL him
b/c I don’t think he’s a big e-mailer.

I’m thinking of doing a weeknight this time – perhaps Thursday or Friday…
depending on availability, etc.

If I can’t do the free space, then I’ll use the theatre I’ve been using on
36th St, so I’d need to check w/ John as to its availability.

So I will do those things, and then I will announce when my act shall return
— at this rate, I’m thinking late Sept, maybe early Oct. I definitely need
some time off first.


I am applying, yet again, for the JONATHAN LARSON AWARD, as well as the ED
KLEBAN award — both are awards designed for starving composers/ lyricists.
I think I have a better chance this year b/c I have another show under my
belt, more good reviews to attach, better recommendations, etc. So let’s
keep our fingers crossed.

In other news, I’m going to be writing a cover letter to send out to casting
directors and another for producers — trying to get more gigs playing
auditions and eventually trying to sub for broadway shows — unfortunately,
for the big time, I’d need to join the Union, which I’m not willing to do
until I have a few job offers lined up. However, I can play for
off-Broadway stuff, and should be.

So now that I know how to do a mailing (I invited 200 industry people to
Spickner), I shall do one, and hopefully that will get me some more jobs
playing piano.

Finally, I’m going to make a brand new flyer for myself and poster all the
studios in town again b/c that got me a few clients last year. I shall also
poster all the NYC schools — and I am researching who at each school
actually hires pianists, and intend to send personal letters to each of those.

Other than that, I am trying to get more TUTORING work — off craigslist, or
through Ivy Bound. Unfortunately, Ivy Bound doesn’t have many clients in
Manhattan, and I can’t stand commuting anymore b/c I’m too busy trying to
make it here (so I can make it anywhere…).

And of course, I shall go back to surveying for ZAGAT SURVEY on weekends —
to reiterate one more time that I DO NOT SEE THE SHOWS b/c people always ask
how the show was when I call from surveying it, and I DO NOT SEE THE SHOWS.
(and have no tolerance for people who ask me questions that have been
answered in the ledgers — that is the point of the ledgers! so I do not
have to catch up personally with all 400 people on this list! 😉 )


I am finally clearing out my Tivo. It was a long 2 weeks — in fact, I lost
some QUANTUM LEAPs which makes me really sad b/c I was watching them all
from the beginning, and I was intending to see all of them this time. Oh
well. I hope I haven’t missed any that I really wanted to see. I’m also
still tivoing STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE — and rewatching all 7 seasons
from scratch — we’re already in season 5, so I think I shall rotate to
other shows when I finish these 2… perhaps I’ll go back to Xfiles or TNG…

I also can start to find record more movies — although I have 18 saved
right now that I need to watch. So things to watch while I write cover
letters and make fliers and do a mailing, etc.


I am also cleaning my apartment! Ok, well Joey (my new roommate – only took
2 days to replace the last one!) cleaned most of it, but now I am finally
finding time to sort through my closet and my desk drawers — and I even
threw out a LOT — and I have other piles to just bring home to NJ — trying
to clear out as much as possible. Although to the untrained eye, it still
looks really cluttered in here. 🙂

I’m also doing like 8 loads of laundry this week finally.

And petting my cat b/c he missed me so much when I wasn’t around all the
time! The poor thing… but I’m back now, so he needn’t miss me!


I think I’m going to have a party Labor Day weekend; I just want to make
sure we’re not doing Zagat b/c that’ll affect which date I have it. As soon
as I know, I will announce it to my party list, I promise.

The last party on July 4th was really chill and really nice. It’s really
nice to go up to the roof on these cool summer nights.


Well, this was short. But that’s really all there is — I spent 2.5 weeks
wrapped up in the Fringe, and now I am catching up on everything that I
didn’t have time for. That’s really the summary. And waiting to hear if
there’s a chance we can get picked up. And watching lots of tivo. YAY TIVO!!!

I find it really backwards that I finally have free time just as everyone
else is getting busy again. I’m excited to have a lot of friends back in
town for the year, and September always brings so many new people to the
city, so I’m sure I will make oodles of new friends.

I will finally have time to correspond again, so feel free to write back
your own update, and I promise to respond!

Talk to y’all soon!!!!




October 5th, 2004 — October has arrived!!

The Seth Ledger

Hello, to you all, my adoring ledger readers. Can you believe that it is
already October? How did this happen? Where did the summer go? Where did
the year go? It is almost 2005!?! How is that possible? None of these
questions will be answered in the ledger herein; instead I shall paint a
picture of what I have been up to and will be being up to for the rest of
the year…



Well, it’s probably best to start by talking about the most important things
in my life… my current projects…

First off, I would like to do BOTH my acts again (AND THEN SHE DUMPED ME and
especially the GAYEST STRAIGHT MAN ALIVE), however, I have run into space

The place I usually use is no longer available — I have options to use it,
but they aren’t so great — I got offered a late night slot; so I could do a
show at 11pm any night, and while I think I’d love to perform at that time
and be brilliant, I fear there won’t be much of an audience.

The other option is to rent the space for $150 on a Monday night, and try to
find 2 other people who want to split the time w/ me. This might prove to
be a hassle, and it might also be annoying schedule wise, etc.

Another option I have is to go back to Don’t Tell Mama — the pros is having
the professional feel, a grand piano, and lights/ sound. The cons is that
the audience will have to pay $15 extra in drinks, so I would have to lower
my cover to $10, and I’d make less $$ and people would pay MORE — and with
a room fee of $70, I could end up making only $2 like last time when 12
people showed up (consequently, I make $180 at $15 for 12 people, and only
pay $50 in room fee…).

My final option is to try to find a space I can rent for 2 hours for $50 or
less w/o a drink minimum. This has proven even harder to find b/c most
cheap spaces don’t have a piano, and I don’t have a good enough keyboard to
perform my act.

The goal is to resolve these issues in the next few weeks and do my act
again mid-November — before Thanksgiving, and before finals and before
people leave for the winter break…

I’m also working on a NEW ACT, which is slowly coming to fruition. And I
would like to do an evening of PIANO WORKS sometime this spring.

This problem with space, however, has put a little pause in my plans, BUT I
expect that this is forcing me to find a better option than I had at the old
theater, and I have faith things will work out for the best.

I also might be doing a BENEFIT on 10/25. I will keep you updated as this
comes closer.


We have just started work on a new CHILDREN’S MUSICAL. It is the same one I
mentioned eons ago, but now we’re actually working on it. It is about a
rushed kid who is overwhelmed w/ his/ her life and takes a journey into
finding out what it’s like to be all of his/ her house hold pets.

The best thing is the show is small and short and there are no assigned
genders, so it will be extremely marketable and practical; my choreographer
knows people at the publishing companies, and they are looking for 50 minute
musicals that can be flexible — we will have parts that can be doubled or
not, such that a touring company can do the show with 4, while a school can
add a huge chorus and do a cast of 20.

The goal is, of course, to write the next Joseph… a show everyone does,
and therefore becomes a cash cow to live off of while writing the next big
Broadway hit.

The book writer I’m working with I met through my choreographer; his named
is David Austin. He has a children’s theatre company in Seattle and has a
few connections w/ various childre’ns organizations, as well as knowing some
Broadway stars, who might be convinced into doing our demo.

Each animal will have a different genre song — I just wrote an Elvis number
for the bunny, who has doo-HOP singers to back him up.

It should be extremely cute. We are currently debating whether or not to do
it as part of the Fringe next year, or to have a Seattle production first…

(I, of course, vote for Fringe b/c I want to win the audience favorite award
3 years in a row…)


After winning the audience favorite award, we think SPICKNER has great
potential. We intend to rewrite act two completely, and then do a reading
in the spring where we will invite producers who came back to see the new,
improved spin, etc.

So hopefully someone will invest $800,000 in it, and we’ll have a run
off-Broadway… we shall keep hoping at least!!


Well, I am finally done w/ my mailing. I mailed out 100 resumes to casting
directors, schools, producers and non-for-profit companies in the hopes that
someone will bite and hire me to play for more auditions, rehearsals, etc…

I also applied for two major grants, the Jonathan Larson Award and the Ed
Kleban Award (the 2nd one I applied w/ Scribby). So I hear about those in a
few months, too.

I got a job playing piano for a class at the Atlantic Theatre School (part of NYU) and for a few lessons at Barnard, so things are looking on the up and up for my career.


I am working w/ a new tutoring company (in addition to my old since they
have so few jobs in NYC and some of those fall through); it’s in the village and it’s pretty steady. I am waiting to hear back from her about how many kids I’m getting, but I should be able to get10 hours/ week…

I still have my ZAGAT SURVEY job — and I remind you that I DO NOT SEE THE
SHOWS I SURVEY. So don’t ASK how the SHOW was if I call you during a shift!!

Finally, I have been taking SURVEYS online — even though some only pay in
“reward points” they add up (just like those pennies I pick up on the street
— at least $10/ year, I estimate!). Some sites have raffles for prizes,
and I actually won a $20 gift certificate to, which I think was
worth my time (usually 5 minutes here and there, which I can do 40 other
things while doing the survey anyway.)

If any of you would like to sign up, I get 150 points for each person who does:


Speaking of new — I have yet ANOTHER new roommate!!! This one is
INCREDIBLE! His name is Kobie, and he and I get along famously — he went
to Johns Hopkins and graduated 2001 — so he’s my class. And he’s an ACTOR/
SINGER who is working as a BARTENDER/ TEMP right now, so he understands
being POOR and having a DREAM.

We also have a similar sense of humor and both enjoy SCI-FI. His one
request on tivo… Smallville.


Speaking of tivo, the most beloved invention to come into my life, I am
clearing it out tonight — I am on my 3rd movie. I will be clearing space
b/c Gilmore Girls is on 5 days/ week now, and I haven’t seen any of the
early ones — so I’m going to have those, and DS9 still, which is in the
final season (I rewatched them all from the beginning) and finally, Quantum
Leap is in the 4/5th season (I also rewatched these entirely from the
beginning). Once QL and DS9 are done, I’ll probably pick another show to
start again the start… perhaps XFiles… perhaps the original Star Trek,
which I still haven’t seen all the episodes of…

Anyway, the shows I really enjoy watching nowadays are DEAD LIKE ME and
SCRUBS and still GILMORE GIRLS. Those are the only ones I really give full
attention to. I continue to watch some others… Father of the Pride (eh),
That 70s Show (not as funny as it used to be), and Joey (sometimes has one
good laugh).

ENTERPRISE is back on Friday night, and I can’t WAIT!!! And Simpsons and
Malcolm will be back in another few weeks. I thought this season of SIX
FEET UNDER wasn’t it’s best, but it is still the best drama on tv when you
compare it to others.


I have to of course remind you all to REGISTER TO VOTE since the deadline is
approaching in most states. We need to vote out the tyrant in charge before
he blows up the world.

I was extremely impressed and pleased w/ the debate the other night. I
think John Kerry is intelligent and poised and ready to bring this country
into the 21st Century, not back to the 19th.

He also seems like he would beat me in Trivial Pursuit — this is a quality
I look for in a President. Being able to talk is also a positive…

I’ve been reading a LOT of poll sites every day, and it seems that KERRY
will most likely win after another few debates propel him. As long as W’s
ratings remain under 50%, he is very vulnerable.

I am hosting an ELECTION NIGHT PARTY for those of you who can’t bear to
watch alone — if Bush wins, we will drink ourselves into oblivion, and
perhaps have a mass suicide by jumping off the roof! (J/k, really… it’s
more likely we’ll all move to Canada, I promise.)

In any case, don’t forget to VOTE KERRY on 11/2!!


I am considering going w/ this Jewish birthright group ( on a
free trip is Israel… I don’t know if I can handle 10 days out of NYC, but
it IS free. So that’s the debate. I don’t know how safe Israel is, but I’m
fairly sure a trip like this would be perfectly okay. And it might be nice
to go mid-winter when it will be freezing here.

I’m also going to help KEVIN on his FILM in Atlantic City late January. So
that will be exciting, I hope. I shall attempt to not lose too much $$…

And very probably I will go up to Boston for the MYSTERY HUNT in January,
too, although plans for that haven’t even begun to fathom, let alone happen…


This month I have started to view theatre again, although not so veraciously
since I am still worn out from the Fringe… here is what I have seen in
September (most of which I’ve reviewed — this also reminds me that I’m
starting to REVIEW for a NEW site — — check it out if you
haven’t already):

Croatoan* — kind of convoluded play but it had some witty diatribes

Hair Concert — star-studded concert, which was INCREDIBLE — got to go to
the after party (I must say that I’m becoming very accustomed to them…)

Burning the Old Man* — Kelly McALlister’s brilliant new play about life and

Beyond the Horizon* — O’Neill’s first play — not a first rate production

Broadway Unplugged — star-studded concert — bway stars w/o amplification
— it was INCREDIBLE — I flyered and postered for the event, so that’s how
I went for free… again the after party was quite a blast.

The Last Easter — ushered for this new play, which is very poignant, about
euthenasia (why anyone is agst it, I’ll never know)

Nice Guys Finish…* — see my review b/c I’m going to follow the golden rule

The Nuclear Family** — musical improv, see my review for more

Spatter Pattern — murder mystery play, had its moments. really great set.

*review available on; **review on


Well, I spent a relaxing night on my computer. I have been here since 4pm
— that’s 10 hours of non-stop computer fun! I have cleared out my tivo. I
have finished my 100 person mailing. I updated my webpage. I was in a
myriad of chat rooms with friends. I imed dozens of people. It’s been a
productive day.

I hope you are all doing well!! Please write back and catch me up on your



December 8, 2004 — the happy hanukkah ledger

The Seth Ledger

First off, HAPPY HANUKKAH!!!

I must apologize for having disappeared but November was quite busy. And then my computer DIED on me. Let this be a lesson to you all — BACK UP ALL YOUR IMPORTANT FILES! Stop making excuses about it. Do it NOW. You’ll thank yourself if your hard drive ever fails like mine did.

I had quite a fright that night, alright. My hard drive had a major sector area which affected most of the drive that ran windows (95 still!). Fortunately, I was able to run scandisk on Dave’s computer until the drive would function enough to retrieve everything. But it was quite a scare! Imagine me w/o my ledger list?! In any case, it took me almost a month to get everything back to the way I like it.

The good news is that I was able to get a new Dell Tower for only $300. The hard drive is literally 40 times bigger than my old one. There is almost 4 times as much RAM. And although I hate XP, at least now I can copy/ paste and drag windows again (both functions had stopped working in 95 b/c the new software was not compatible w/ the old operating system…).

I got an upgraded version of my music software finally, too. And I have the updated IM and updated Eudora and updated Netscape, and it’s refreshing. Very refreshing.


Well, mostly I have been up to fixing my computer. I cannot encourage you all enough to back up your important files in any way possible. But there has been much other news…


I did fairly well last month between Zagat Survey, tutoring, playing piano for a musical theatre class at Atlantic Theatre School, and then playing for a reading of the new musical, Semmelweis: the Musical… I made almost four times what I usually make in a month, which will help prepare for months where I make less (like this one — stupid holidays — and the summer should I have a fringe show again… more on that later!)

I have 2 tutoring firms now, so I have been tutoring a lot. Both SATs and now I do pretty much any math or physics. I’m working at a cool place called Blue Tomato which specializes in tutoring creative kids… it pays half of what I get with Ivy Bound, but it is more secure and always conveniently located in the village (sadly, it is around the corner from my old apartment…).

I also have had a lot of clients recently, playing piano and transposing (it’s nice my music program is working again). And I played for some guy’s gospel recital… not usually my bag, but apparently I am good at playing with soul.

So really, it’s been a fairly good month, and I hope that continues. I do have a goal of getting into an off-Broadway pit sometime in 2005. On Broadway by 2006.


I am thrilled to announce that I got an e-mail the other day from a bookwriter looking for a composer for a Fringe musical next year. We are meeting on Thursday, and I am hopeful that will go well… we intend to write a fairly small show that will be easy to put up. I am incredibly to relieved that I will hopefully have a show in the festival next August. I couldn’t bear to let anyone else win the Audience Favorite Award, after all!

I am searching for a new bookwriter for my children’s musical. The last guy I had got offered a paying gig; also, we didn’t gel so well together. So I am being very picky in finding a new partner. I want someone who’s had works produced in NYC before and who has written at least one children’s show and has definitely written a musical before, etc. I refuse to rush into things anymore.

Speaking of not rushing, I am currently about halfway done writing my new cabaret act, Meaningful Sex. It is a companion piece to my first musical done as an act. It’s going to be a two person show to break up the monotony of doing one person acts. I’ve written quite a few naughty songs already; this act is not for kids! 🙂

I’m also planning on doing an evening of my instrumental pieces one of these days, too. I am currently searching for a cheaper theatre space to use because I lost money when I did my acts again in November, even though I had a decent turnout and an incredible audience response…

Speaking of my acts, I have finally videoed them! And my friend, Rebecca, has offered to make DVDs and CDs of both of them, as well as Meaningless Sex! So I will have 3 bootleg cds soon of my works. Even though I would never give them to professionals, it will be nice to have a record of my shows. If any of you are interested in getting copies, I’ll gladly burn them for anyone who provides a blank… and I intend to put a few of the songs online (like my popular “Tivo, My Tivo” and “Kill All Republicans”).

In Spickner Spin news, I am pleased to announce Scribby has started redrafting the second act. I have begun to write one of the two or three numbers we are adding to the show in exchange for cutting out most of the love story parts.

We shall do an industry reading in the spring, and I shall invite all the new connections I have made since then, as well as inviting hundreds of people I don’t know, in the hope one of the important ones will show up… the goal is to get the show off-Broadway by 2006.

If you would like to support the show, we are still soliciting donations to pay off the accrued debt, as well as donations for funding the reading. (


Well, my girlfriend, Nicki, has insisted on cleaning the apartment with me. So it is in better shape then ever. And I’m sure my new roommate, Kobie, is happy with that, too.

He is an incredible roommate, btw! We get along like peas in some sort of pod. He sings constantly and has a Neuroscience degree from Johns Hopkins, but is trying to be an actor! Now if only he would start going out to auditions more often! He might end up doing our reading of Spickner in the spring…

In other home news, Snickers is doing well. Kobie had a shoebox from his rollerblades on the kitchen table, and Snickers has made it his new bed. He is in there constantly, and he jumps up in two swift movements to get into it. It’s quite cute. Although it is sad in a way because he’s not in the living room with me as much… but perhaps I could move the box in here… How SMART is that CAT? He KNEW I was talking about it, and came in just as I finished the paragraph… cats are so intuitive!!!

The final home news is that TIVO is still up and running — I just recorded the 3rd Lord of the Rings, so I have all three on tape now. And I just recorded Camp and now finally am recording Julie Andrews in Cinderella…

The new shows I watch include Huff (Showtime), Arrested Development (on after the Simpsons) and Coupling (BBC-A). I have also been rewatching all the TNG episodes… and I’m watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning since I only watched the first 3 years off and on.

Oh in real final news, I got a DVD player for Hanukkah! Although I only own 2 DVDs, I feel excited that I can invite people over to bring DVDs and have a way to view them now… instead of using them as expensive coasters…


I am hosting my fourth annual New Years Eve Party for those of you in the city for the change of years. We shall watch the ball fall from my roof… although we won’t really see the ball, we can in fact see the fireworks they explode right after. So it’s virtually the same thing. And we’re warmer being in my apartment than being outside in a mad crowd over a few avenues…


Well, as always, I saw quite a bit of theater the last few months. Especially since I haven’t sent out a ledger since October b/c of my computer crashing… so here goes:


Rent — saw Rent for the 5th time b/c my friend had extra comps

Night, Mother — saw this really moving play

Reckless — loved this wacky revival starring Mary Louise Parker


The Oldest Profession — intriguing play about aging whores starring Mona from Who’s the Boss?

Women on the Verge of HRT — kind of dull play about two women on a strange adventure

Dames at Sea — really fun revival of a really cute musical mocking 42nd St

The Imaginary Invalid — decent production of a Moliere classic (he died while performing in it, fyi!)

off-off (these are all reviewed on or

Jubilee — revival concert of a really old Cole Porter musical

These People — kind of weird play about a family in a lawsuit

Laura’s Bush — wacky evening about saving Laura Bush from the white house

Ordinary People — play based on the book that inspired a movie — very melodramatic

Sweetness and Light — quite intriguing evening exploring inventors and politics…

The Elf, the Bunny and the Xmas Blowup — my friend Aida was in this show — it was a xmas show about blowing up santa

Arcadia — brilliant revival of Stoppard’s masterpiece.

Titus Andronicus — decent production of Shakespeare’s bloodiest play (if you thought a lot of people died in Hamlet, see Titus…)

looking4sex — cute show about adventures from meeting guys online in the gay community


Raisin — I actually helped out at this star-studded concert! What a day! (I was actually performing in another benefit that night at 10 — I had to sprint uptown — two benefits in one day! Insane but wonderful!)

Only Make Believe — helped out at a benefit for this great group that performs for kids in hospitals

Gypsy of the Year — just went yesterday to the competition for who has the best skit in this event that raises $$ for bcefa (


Well, that’s about it from here. Things are very good, and I’m relieved to have my computer back — BACK UP YOUR FILES NOW!!

Happy Hanukkah to y’all and a Happy New Year — hope to see you at my huge party!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂