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This is my cat, Smee’s, webpage! These pictures start with my first meeting with him to the present. For more up to date photos, follow Smee on Facebook!

Here is Smee’s Cat-Mitzvah, Facebook Lived on December 8th, 2019:

Here is a commercial for Smee:

Here is the Every Day a Little Seth Episode dedicated to Smee:

Smee’s bio: SMEE is an 13-year old tabby cat. He previously co-starred in the web series version of Every Day a Little Seth, being featured in all 30 episodes, and even having one dedicated to him. He also penned a cat-pter in the book of essays: Every Page a Little Seth and another one in Millennials are Ruining the World!. He was rescued from Animal Care and Control in 2007 where he was marked as a press cat for a few weeks before being adopted. Smee is an incorrigible, adventurous kitty who likes to stick his nose everywhere including the garbage and the plates of anyone eating food, which he likes to grab and run away with. He has broken into the fridge countless times making his owner purchase multiple fridge locks because he keeps figuring out how to break them. In his down time (which is most times), he enjoys exploring bags, sleeping in his well-worn shoebox, and licking himself. Finally, whenever he meows, he somehow meows in the key of whatever music is on – he’s a perfect pitch pussycat!