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Millennials are Ruining the World? an Xennial perspective is a new podcast featuring real conversations bridging the X/Y generation gap. Its catchphrase is: “I’m not woke, but I’m awake!”

Join award-winning author, composer and cabaret star Seth Bisen-Hersh as he humorously discusses the generational divide with his friends through authentic conversations bridging the gap between Generations X & Y.

What is an Xennial you might ask? Xennials are the micro-generation between Generation X and Millennials, born approximately 1976-1984, which gives them a unique point of view that bridges the gap between generations because they both remember what cassette tapes and rotary phones are, while still being able to use their iPhones without a tutorial.

You can find the podcast in the following places (SoundCloud is easiest for just listening, but the other platforms let you subscribe and download automatically):

Google Play
Pocket Casts

Season Two:

June 3rd, 2020: Episode 14 Helena Woods and Seth discuss TRAVEL
June 10th, 2020: Episode 15 Laura Pestronk and Seth discuss LIFE ON PAUSE
June 17th, 2020: Episode 16 Shara Ashley Zeiger and Seth discuss ARTISTIC VALUE
June 24th, 2020: Episode 17 Elisabeth Ness and Seth discuss PRODUCTIVITY
July 1st, 2020: Episode 18 Brianna Oppenheimer and Seth discuss INSTAGRAM
July 8th, 2020: Episode 19 Kelly McCarthy and Seth discuss TIK TOK
July 15th, 2020: Episode 20 Dani Granati and Seth discuss CONSPIRACY THEORIES
July 22nd, 2020: Episode 21 David Davila and Seth discuss MEDIEVAL TIMES
July 29th, 2020: Episode 22 David Meyers and Seth discuss SONDHEIM
August 5th, 2020: Episode 23 Mark Childers and Seth discuss WRITING REALITY
August 12th, 2020: Episode 24 Lauren Testerman and Seth discuss MENTAL HEALTH
August 19th, 2020: Episode 25 Chazmond Peacock and Seth discuss ENTITLEMENT
August 26th, 2020: Episode 26 Gia Doxey and Seth discuss RELATIONSHIPS

Season One:

June 5th, 2019: Episode 1 Celia Mei Rubin and Seth discuss BRANDING
June 12th, 2019: Episode 2 Reji Woods and Seth discuss HAPPINESS
June 19th, 2019: Episode 3 Teresa Hui and Seth discuss INSOUCIANCE
June 26th, 2019: Episode 4 Shai Kushner and Seth discuss COMEDIC TRENDS
July 3rd, 2019: Episode 5 Roger Gilbert Crane and Seth discuss the DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY DEBATES
July 10th, 2019: Episode 6 Rori Nogee and Seth discuss being MULTI-HYPHENATES
July 17th, 2019: Episode 7 Joshua Desjardins and Seth discuss ANXIETY
July 24th, 2019: Episode 8 Emi Asano and Seth discuss JAPAN
July 31st, 2019: Episode 9 Aaron David Kapner and Seth discuss SCI-FI/FANTASY TV
August 7th, 2019: Episode 10 Summer Moran and Seth discuss GENERATION Z
August 14th, 2019: Episode 11 Brian Childers and Seth discuss GENERATION X
August 21st, 2019: Episode 12 Kathryn Whisler and Seth discuss her being a TOKEN MILLENNIAL
August 28th, 2019: Episode 13 Samantha Grossman and Seth discuss BEING XENNIALS